Tesla is Recalling 123 thousand Model S

American electric car manufacturer Tesla announced that it intends to withdraw about 123 thousand cars of the Model S, were released through April 2016. The company’s engineers suggest that these machines may cause problems with steering, so the machines withdraw for the prevention and replacement of components.

Clarifies that the reason for the withdrawal was the corrosion of the bolts of the power steering. It was found that in cold climates the bolts to rust more than usual due to exposure to reagents present in the mixture, which is sprinkled with roads in order to get rid of the icing.

Tesla notes that the opinion of the car has a preventive nature. The company with a problem none of the owners treated the car did not break and did not become the cause of accidents or accidents.

Even if the rusted bolts and would lead to breakage during the car ride, serious problems would not be caused, and the driver still would retain control of the vehicle, — explain representatives of the company. The only real disadvantage could be the need to make the turns a little more effort. The company’s engineers note that the Troubleshooting of each car at the factory will take no more than an hour.

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