Tesla Motors check out the video of the explosion of a car of its Model S electric!

Open the Tesla company Tesla, American extensive investigation about the video has been circulating on the Chinese social network Weibo Weibo, appeared in the ignition of her car-electric “model s” the Model S.

According to that video, was filmed the incident on 21 April, and emerged through his control has spewed thick smoke, then caught fire completely in a matter of seconds, and in another video, the back three cars adjacent the roasted perfectly by an.

According to news circulating, it has the video was filmed in Shanghai, China, but it can not be asserted after the health of the place fact, has been sent already climbing team to investigate the incident, according to an official statement issued by the company.

Tundra users on what happened to the video, which achieved a participation of more than 20 million in a few hours, while student many of the company to disclose the fact of the explosion and the cause of it, scoffed at others saying: “a word of advice, Don’t park your car next to the Tesla cars!”

It is worth mentioning that 14 incidents of flare-ups Tesla cars already registered and recognized company since 2013, but it was because of a collision or accident, not the result of self-ignition of the car during parking as shown in the video the Chinese, there is one incident to ignition of the car Model S, occurred in the year 2018, where they caught a car owned by Michael Morris, the director of a television channel of the British, during the corner in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Confirm the delivered to its electric car less likely by about 10 times flammable compared car regular fuel, based on tested about half a million vehicles went more than 10 million miles.

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