Tesla notes the tech companies in the case of trade secrets

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Request the Company Manufacture luxury electric car Tesla Tesla of the law to get the permission of an emergency to provide subpoenas for many technology companies, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google, depending on the lawsuit side, where you think Tesla is that these companies keep data relevant to the technical officer who was fired recently, which police say he stole their secrets of business, you want to force tech companies to keep copies of deleted email messages and accounts of cloud storage.

The law allows U.S. parties who are trying to sue each other to respect the contents of online accounts maintained by service providers in case they are needed in the subsequent trial, has been some do so voluntarily, while many other companies found on the warrant before doing so.

And Valerie P. Cooke Valerie P. Cooke, the judge of investigation of America in the state of Nevada a permit to buy a Tesla call the companies Microsoft, Google and Apple TV in accordance with the note of calling is similar in the case against the technical employee of trayvon Martin Martin Tripp, who referred to the CEO of the company Elon musk Elon Musk on that robber.

The Apple has rejected a request to Tesla was direct, saying the purchase of the auto industry it will not maintain the evidence in response to your request disproportionate with the appropriate legal procedures, also ignored Microsoft’s request to Tesla, while Google has gotten a copy of the subpoena is to comply with the voluntary, but she ignored him, only that legal procedure the new companies are forced to retain that data for use in court.

And trayvon Martin earlier within the factory Gigafactory in sparks, Nevada, a factory that makes batteries for Tesla, and the previous position to that of persons who report illegal activities, where I saw large amounts of waste and were allowed to use cell drilled as part of the batteries that were shipped.

Implemented the company by its heavily used any of these batteries damaged in any model of car, the Model 3, The Company said in a statement: “the trayvon Martin he’s either not telling the truth or he simply has no idea what he’s talking about,” was the CEO of the company has spoken publicly in the past that trayvon Martin is trying to thwart the company’s efforts to intensify the production of Model 3 is fast.

Said Elon musk: “it’s not just trayvon Martin, there are more of these people, and the actions of some bad people will not stop Tesla from achieving their goals, but with the presence of 40 thousand employees the possibility of facing the people offended by 1 in 1000 is a problem, as these women represent 40 people”.

Tesla has said recently the expansion of its production, including the operation of its line within the temporary tent, in a step considered unprecedented for automobile manufacturing companies, said company lawyers via legal deposit of the new trayvon Martin may have used additional services to disclose confidential company info and private property, including AT&T, facebook, and WhatsApp systems Open Whisper study books.

It argues the company that in the event you can’t get the data held within many of the accounts of the trayvon Martin saved, the crucial evidence of illegal activities carried out by the tribune may lose forever, which causes manifestly unfair, and courtesy of Tesla, has can it achieve justice.

The lawsuit began a week ago, when he raised Tesla’s suit against trayvon Martin, accusing him of writing software that penetrate the system operational manufacturing courtesy of Tesla, and accused him of trying to get several GB of data from the Tesla trade secret and transfer them to external entities, and do trips in the previous that he wrote any software like this, saying he doesn’t know how to programming, however, has admitted leaking information to the media earlier this year.

One Information Technology Officer at Tesla, Andrew tender Andrew Lindemulder, in one of the files of the previous court which was submitted on 22 June, to the recognition of trayvon Martin in an interview on 14 June, before being expelled from the labour transfer of confidential data confidential a subsidiary of Tesla to outside the company, via e-mail accounts and accounts of cloud storage iCloud and OneDrive and SharePoint, also admitted that he had deleted these to cover his actions.

He told trayvon Martin that he was doing his job when he discovered the existence of about 732 cell perforated potential within the car line is currently on the road, “pay me that to worry very much about public safety, and I felt that I had to do something, and I realized that there is a possibility to catch Ali, but the effect of the idea of the death of any consumer was of paramount importance and must take action about it”.

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