Tesla on Mars, the African glaciers and other news of high technologies

While in Africa looking for the traces of glaciers (and find!), and robots are taught to play jenga, Tesla Elon musk crisscrossing the space… by the way, what’s with her? Let’s see, at the same time, other news this week run.

1. It has been exactly 12 months since the first launch of super-heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. Along with it was sent into space in the private car of the company founder, Elon musk Tesla Roadster, at the wheel which was dummy Starman. The electric car came to the hyperbolic orbit of the Earth and then went on a journey into deep space.

Where’s the car now? The Roadster and the driver reached the orbit of Mars in early November last year and are still in there somewhere, about 365 million miles from Earth. Of course, any conclusions about location of the car based solely on mathematical calculations. The machine itself is very small, so it can be seen even with the most powerful ground-based telescope, and connected to this case some kind of space telescope such as the Hubble, it was absolutely inexcusable luxury.

Of course, Tesla forever with his driver to circle the Solar system can not. “Space supercar” will eventually fall either to Venus or to Earth, if debris or an asteroid will not collide.

2. Can you believe that once upon a time, in the lands of Africa were passing huge glaciers? If you consider that throughout the long history of the continents changed their location, this may be. On the territory of the desert country of Namibia, found the hills a special form that typically arise in places where fast-moving glaciers.

Друмлин в Африке

Typically, these hills meet in a rather cold countries like Canada, Germany, Finland and Greenland. Well, what is amazing?About 300 million years ago the land that is now called Namibia, was somewhere over the South pole.

So in Africa it was not always hot!

3. Want to hear a joke? Our galaxy was not the flat disc, as previously thought! Closer to the edges of the galaxy becomes more compressed or crumpled in “accordion”. Scientists believe that this discovery will force us to reevaluate our current star charts.

In the new study, astrophysicists have confirmed that our galaxy is not like a flat pancake or even the letter S, as indicate previously mapped the distribution of hydrogen, and has a quaint shape, whose edges braided in unusual crumpled and compressed spiral.

To confirm the unusual shape of our galaxy helped several thousands of stars located in its outer regions. The opening of such unusual shape explains many oddities in the behavior of stars in its outskirts and will help to clarify their status, age and other properties. It is now, all the textbooks to change?

4. Meanwhile, In Russia launched the first reusable aircraft. The device will be equipped with a rocket engine 14Д30 — it is used on the upper stage block “breeze-M”. With its help it will be possible to fly at an altitude of up to 160 kilometers (output satellites orbit at an altitude of up to 500 kilometers). Unmanned rocket designed for at least 50 flights.

The device is not used for attack purposes, and when a rocket will be used only Russian components. Drafting the first “multiple” Russian aircraft have a cost of 55 million rubles. The cost of the second stage of works is estimated at 280 million rubles.

Its unmanned spaceplane is also developing the us company Boeing, which produced the X-37B for the US air force. After the fifth run he was in orbit for over 500 days. And what are we worse?

5. And the US is now looking for a company that will burn tons of secret data. At the disposal of researchers there are about 1.8 tons of it equipment, which include magnetic, optical and solid-state devices for data storage. Among the data stored within them can be information about the test systems ground weapons and research rockets.

Горящий жесткий диск

The ad looking for a service provider to destroy the data indicated that all of the equipment necessary to “burn down”. On-site burning should be round the clock security and surveillance cameras with recording date and time. After signing the contract, the company will have only 10 days to destruction of data. It is expected that the burning process will take about 8-10 hours, and the contract will be completed until September 30.

We think we know where soon it will be entertaining.

These are the main news from the world of high technology for the week. When do you think Tesla will fall to the Ground? Write about it in our Telegram chat.

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