Tesla wants to protect children in its cars

Operating company Tesla electric car industry on the development of a sensor interactive short – term motion detection can protect children through the discovery of the abandoned child in the car.

According to Reuters, the company is seeking approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to commercialize the technology, which uses unlicensed millimeter-wave sensors designed to operate at higher energy levels than allowed under current rules.

In explaining the technology, Tesla said: The device can be used to reduce risks while protecting children from heatstroke, protecting car occupants from injury by deploying an airbag and reminders of seat belts, and strengthening anti-theft systems.

Tesla imagines using the device to measure body size so that it can tell the difference between adults and children, and the device uses four transmitting antennas and three receiving antennas with a front radar unit.

It can help the vehicle to improve airbag deployment in the event of an accident more effectively than the weight sensing systems in the seat.

Tesla cites data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that found more than 50 children died of heat stroke while in a car in 2018 and 2019, mostly because someone forgot them there.

The FCC is seeking public comment on Tesla's order through September 21, and it is unclear how these sensors might be incorporated into Tesla cars.

Tesla uses internal and external sensors in its cars for a variety of safety measures.

Dog Mode keeps the car in a comfortable temperature for owners who need to leave their pets behind for a few minutes, and the effect uses the large screen in the middle to show a message to passersby that you will soon be back.

On the other hand, Sentry Mode allows the car to protect itself by using its external cameras to monitor close movement and identify potential threats.

Other automakers have introduced technology upgrades over the past few years to help reduce the number of children left in running cars.

In 2018, Nissan included sensors in the Pathfinder cars to detect when the tailgate was opened before the trip, and if the driver neglected to open the rear door after stopping the car, the horn will beep several times as a reminder.

Likewise, GM has installed a feature called the Rear Seat Reminder that beeps and displays a message on the dashboard to remind drivers to check for children.

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