Tesla, which could. The Model S from the service taxi drove over 640 000 km

How do you feel about electric cars? Someone loves them and is willing to overpay for wooden and ugly first generation Leaf, while others remember their controversial sustainability (taking into account production and disposal) and screams that the batteries in them will not live long.

Quite unexpectedly, the Network appeared the story that allows us to estimate what will happen with your Tesla Model S 90D (of course not with your life, but why not dream) through 640 000 km.

It drove one of the cars of taxi service Tesloop, and the company decided to tell. Miles is 400,000, so the hype. So, the car traveled so much in less than three years. Yes, when we’re talking about cars with high mileage can not forget about the age and Vice versa, so it pays to do discounts on youth vehicle. However, 640 000 km for a modern car is often unattainable figures.

Model S, as claimed, is quite vigorous. Over four hundred thousand miles the car demanded investments in the amount of $ 19,000, which corresponds to approximately 0.03 dollar per 1 km of this amount to the $ 6,700 cost of out of warranty repairs and 12 $ 200 was spent on planned maintenance. To charge the car for free so that saved the service about 60 000 dollars on fuel.

For comparison, in the same service there are cars Lincoln Town Car and Mercedes GLS with the same mileage. The first cost about $ 0.14 per km, and the second — 0.16. In absolute terms it is around 90 000 and 102 000 dollars, i.e. five times more. But it’s still the car with the engine, so that a large part of the difference lies on gasoline.

What is it with battery? It was changed twice already, but, to be fair, both times were changed (if I understood correctly) under warranty, and down she went. The first was replaced at 310,000 miles with 6% of depreciation and the second on 518 000 km from 22% wear.

As explains a source, the need for replacements was due to principle of operation. The fact that Tesla recommends charging the car supercharger to 95%, and between conditionally full discharge and the start of the charge should take several hours. Service Tesloop, of course, these recommendations have not been complied with. That is, it could be even better.

Can also look at the interior of the car, drive the 640 000 km. Yes, if you talk about age, he’s only 3 years, but the mode of operation that does not meet the usual three-year car. The driver’s seat, however, has changed.

And yet this car is more than 90% of the run was on autopilot, because almost always drive on highways. Now this car holds the title of Tesla with the high mileage. Given the pace, in a few years she will become the first Tesla-one million.

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