Tesla will sell the charger by the Wireless Mobile smart phones, this time at a cheaper price


While the company Tesla is synonymous with electric cars, but they sell some accessories and appliances under its brand. Was the charger of smart phones of wireless ” Tesla Wireless Charger “ is one of those accessories that have already received a lot of requests when it was first displayed for sale in the official store to buy Tesla on the internet. This wireless charger ran out quickly, but the company Tesla now renewed inventory, so if you are not able to buy it earlier, you’ll be happy to know that the charger has become available for purchase again, and better yet that it has become available at a lower price.

It is worth mentioning that the Tesla Wireless Charger is a portable battery with a capacity of 6000mAh designed for smartphones that support wireless charging technology. Moreover, it is the charger the same design language used in the energy products of the company, including Tesla Powerwall. In addition to charging smartphones wirelessly, you can use it to charge your smartphone wirelessly by connecting the USB Cable Type-C built-in battery with the phone. For devices that do not have USB Type-C, you can use a separate USB Type-A to connect the charger with any cable from USB TYPE-A with the knowledge that you can use a USB cable-A compact to charge the wireless charger Tesla Wireless Charger from any USB port.

As we have said previously, this charger features a battery with a capacity of 6000mAh, which means that you can use it as a battery portable you can take them with you during the development. In terms of price, the company was Tesla requests from customers $ 65 dollars for to get this wireless charger, but the company decided to Tesla now reduced the price of this supplement to 49 USD thanks to the increased quantity of the desired manufactured note that the company Tesla wrote to customers who have already purchased this charger via a e-mail telling them that the fact that the shipper has become available again for purchase.

The reason why the company Tesla to send this letter E is to allow customers to early adopters who paid $ 65 dollars for a shipper refund the price difference of $ 16 USD. Will be refunded the price difference to the credit card used to pay for the shipper.



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