Tesla’s poaching of executives from Amazon, Apple, and Snap

Last week it became known that Tesla went head development program Autopilot — it’s gone in Lyft. Apparently, the company hard is it to hold the big bosses. But Tesla wants to prove otherwise. Over the past few weeks, joined the company, new managers who previously worked in giant companies: Amazon, Apple, Snap.

You should start with veteran machine learning Stuart Bowers (on his move became known on may 22), who left Snap, to become Vice-President of Tesla for hardware and software. Head of technical operations Apple niraj, Manrao now is Tesla as the Director for the energy production. Director of logistics at Amazon mark Mastandrea now engaged in the delivery car Tesla. Even Walmart has gone technical Manager — Kate Pierson headed the operation of delivery to Tesla.

These and other rearrangements in the highest circles of the big companies are not final and irrevocable, and the battle for good leaders never faltered. Now, however, Tesla, like anyone else, needs competent leadership, in light of the problems with production of the Tesla Model 3. Newcomers leaders will need to work hard for a company to come out, as promised by Elon Musk, in 3-4 quarter of 2018.

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