Test Asus ROG Phone 2 gives us the first glimpse at the performance of the processor +Snapdragon 855 new

Asus ROG Phone

When is the official unveiling of the phone Asus ROG Phone 2 on the 23rd day of July, will become the first smartphone in the world featuring processor +Snapdragon 855 announced by Qualcomm recently. Thanks to the frequency associated with The, enables Qualcomm to improve the performance of the processor graphics by 15%, as well as improve the performance of the central processor by 4.1 percent.

It should be noted that the processor +Snapdragon 855 New based on the same specifications and components that came with the processor Snapdragon 855 current. Thus, this means that the processor +Snapdragon 855 new features core frequency 2.96 GHz, three cores of large class Kryo 485 Gold with a frequency of 2.42 GHz, as well as four nuclei of small designed to deal with the tasks least complex.

Been overclocking Core processor +Snapdragon 855 by about 4 percent, and test nuclear one on the platform performance tests Geekbench reported improvement in performance by slightly less than 3% compared with the phone Zenfone 6. With regard to test multiple cores, so change the result significantly.

Processor graphics in the processor +Snapdragon 855 new got a big upgrade, but the platform performance tests Geekbench don’t you test the performance of the processor graphics. However, Qualcomm says that her therapist the new flagship will improve the graphics performance by 15%, which will be vital for a game that will be used to display 120Hz.

Apart from that, you’ll come to the phone Asus ROG Phone 2 also with 12GB of RAM because this is the particular women that have been subjected to the test on the platform of Geekbench now.

Anyway, despite the improvements made by Qualcomm, is still the nucleus of the Apple Vortex of the Apple is the Queen of performance in the test nuclear The One on the platform of Geekbench, followed by Windows Samsung M4, a subsidiary of Samsung. Note that the platform Geekbench claims to measure drip its been calibrated with the Intel Core i7-6600U, which score 4000 points in this test.


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