Test your abilities in the English language and how it developed

English is a difficult language. Even native speakers have trouble with spelling, grammar and use of punctuation appropriate. However, it is possible to learn well after some perseverance and practice. Therefore, your mobile device is surprisingly good for this kind of things. Since there are a variety of sound recordings and applications in English, applications English lessons, and classes to learn the language with a lot of support for the English language. Here tell you the best apps of English for Android!

Duolingo is an application to learn English people. It supports more than a dozen languages, including English. The application also takes approach to the game to learn the language. It shows you pictures and makes you play small games, etc. to understand the language easily. He’s trying to basically make language learning fun. The app is currently completely free. However, they do test batches A / B (A / B) subscription prices from time to time. This app is one of the applications English steel.

English Grammar Test is an application of the famous English. It has more than 1200 important the rules of the language. It helps to know the basic things like tenses and pronouns adjectives and adverbs prepositions and word order and other similar things. It also includes some other features not tests and exercises to practice the language and design of multi-dimensional and some analysis. And also learn vocabulary and English grammar. It’s application is useful even for native English speakers. Considers the application totally free with the presence of advertising.

English Listening and Speaking is the application of English decent. It’s an app that speaks English with a lot of texts and recordings, idioms, phrases and vocabulary. It’s not an organization such as apps like Memrise or Duolingo. However, it works well in practice. The app includes also mini games support offline and metatags, and more. It is also completely free application without purchases inside it.

Hello English is one of the apps to learn the most popular language of the English language. It includes hundreds of lessons, games and other content for. The app includes also a dictionary of words, containing the 10,000 words, it connects the plates to the fore the global, and offline. As most of the stuff in the app free, including lessons, games, etc. However, there are some of the features of the other that cost money. In any case, this app is definitely something great to try it out first if it supports your native language.

Google Translate is an excellent app for non-native speakers of English. It translates quickly to anything, including words written and spoken. The app also comes with an OCR feature that lets you direct the camera at the words in the real world for the rapid development. But obviously this will not replace the application of proper English with the lessons of vocabulary and grammar. However, it is good to have a tool to learn things you don’t know these services usually. It is considered the application Google Translate free like most Google apps.

Memrise is one of the apps to learn English the most popular available. It works for a range of other languages as well. In fact, it works best for languages. This app works similar to the training session with many of the individual workouts. It is characterized by the presence of many of the rules of the English language, words, numbers and other things. However, it does not have the same emphasis on language as is the case for language learning the other. However, it is good to detail the basics and get a different perspective on some of the lessons of vocabulary and grammar. It’s worth $ 9 a month with the option of an annual subscription. Alternatively, you can pay $ 129 one time to buy it.

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