Testing Artifact card games will begin in November

Valve moved the beta test his new card game Artifact on 19 November.

Valve originally planned to test the Artifact in October of this year. However, users who have registered for the beta test, got an e-mail from Valve, stating that the game is added to their profile, but you will have to wait a little longer before the company will be able to let all the servers.

Thus, players will be able to evaluate a new project, only 9 days before its full release, which is scheduled for November 28. Cost to play is $20. It will be released on Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Next year will be also versions for Android and iOS.

Let me remind you, Artifact is a card game in the universe of Dota 2, which involved two people. They are available in three lines (boards), each is a tower with 40 health. After the destruction of the tower have access to the throne with 80 health. Victory is achieved after the destruction of the two towers or a tower and a throne on the same line. View the gameplay at this link.

Source: PCGamer

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