Tests find that iOS 12, he’s actually improving performance on the iPhone old

Apple iphone 6 Plus

The adoption rate of newer versions of iOS has slowed somewhat over the years. Probably due to the problems and errors that are discovered in later versions of iOS, leading to a deterioration of the performance of the phones after you install those newer versions. If these are some of the reasons that make you not convinced to upgrade to iOS 12, which was recently released, you might change your mind if you continue reading this report.

In a series of tests conducted by the site ArsTechnica, has discovered that the iOS system 12 operates to improve the speed of phones iPhone old. I’ve tested it with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 2, and they found that, compared with the previous versions of iOS, the iOS system 12 already offers what it promises, which is to improve performance on old mobile devices.

Compare the operators of the site ArsTechnica iOS system 12 and a variety of versions older iOS to iOS 10.3.3. Then test these versions of the iOS system through the Open set of applications. Take for example the browser Safari, which took in the iOS system 10.3.3 about 1.2 seconds to open. Worsened it in the iOS system 11 where it took 1.5 seconds, but in the iOS system 12 is down this time of up to 1.15 seconds.

Saw the camera application also similar improvements where it takes 0.9 seconds in the iOS system 10.3.3, while it took 0.81 seconds in iOS 12. However, as said, the website ArsTechnica, the times taken by the application to do is not necessarily an indication of how that will work out when applications are open, but in general this shows the improvements obtained by the operating system. So far there are no reported problems prominent in the iOS system 12, so maybe it’s worth it to upgrade to iOS 12 in case if have not yet done so.


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