Tests show that the Snapdragon 850 for Windows 10 fits slightly better than Snapdragon 835

Back in March I wrote that the PC Always Connected laptops based on Snapdragon 835, the performance does not Shine.

If anyone remembers, Always Connected PC is a PC, based on the ARM platform and running Windows 10. Until recently, those few models that were sold in the market, was based on Snapdragon 835. And in the above-mentioned article was tests that showed that the performance in real tasks are often even lower than nuclear Celeron.

Now began to leave the model with SoC Snapdragon 850. In particular, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2. And there are first tests to evaluate the performance.

To begin with, I note that the tests are purely synthetic, so in realistic scenarios, the situation may be a little different. On the other hand, there is evident difference between Snapdragon 835 and 850. In real scenarios, it is plus or minus will be the same. To make it clearer, an example of which is described by the guys from Engadget. They said that the processing of ten pictures on the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 took about two and a half minutes. Asus NovaGo (Snap835) — a minute longer. But on normal laptop with CPU Intel for about 10 seconds.

Going back to the 850-th snap, no significant breakthrough has not occurred. In fact, it shouldn’t. Even when just announced the release models with the Snapdragon 850, which is the overclocked version of Snapdragon 845, I immediately said that nothing much will change.

That is Always Connected PC is still not suitable for any heavy applications. But they have an impressive autonomy with a modest size and built-in LTE modem. I think there is a category of people for whom these benefits outweigh the lack of performance and compatibility.

Finally, I note that soon should get a completely new platform Qualcomm, which originally was designed for Always Connected PC. It was previously called Snapdragon 1000, but it seems Qualcomm has changed the naming of their platforms, so the name may be different (like Snapdragon 8180). The point is that she is credited with a huge number of transistors (8.5 billion 5.3 billion Snap845), seminomatous process technology and a TDP of almost 15 watts. And it will be interesting. Of course, to the same complete Core clearly does not make it, but if you will be able to compete with the older Core m, it will be very interesting.

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