Te”WE” sign the Convention exclusive partnership with the Heliopolis club

Signed te”WE”– the first operator of integrated communications in Egypt – today the contract of sponsorship and partnership exclusive with the Heliopolis club sports provide integrated communications services (landline, mobile and Internet services wireless Internet Wi-Fi), as well as provide homes for sale and the affiliate of the Bank of communications to serve the members of the club with the new Egypt and Iraq.

The agreement was signed, Ahmed behairy, Managing Director and CEO, Telecom Egypt Mr. AMR Mohamed Farouk sonbaty Chairman of the Board of the Heliopolis club, in the presence of a number of measurements of the company and the club.

Under this exclusive partnership, according to a press statement, Telecom Egypt is the main sponsor for the entire activities of the club, besides being the exclusive sponsor of integrated communications services within the headquarters of the club in New Egypt and Iraq, where these include care establishment of homes for sale and conversion and to provide all of the offers and services provided by Telecom Egypt to serve the members of the club, in addition to providing wireless Internet access inside the club.

Eng Ahmed behairy said: “We are delighted to sign this exclusive care with the Heliopolis Club one of the clubs pioneering in the field of sports, which is a real model for institutional work in common, will be our care to provide the latest and the best telecommunications services and the Internet to Club members with the highest level of speed, quality and efficiency, communicate with our customers and their needs and serve them through the company inside the club, where we make sure to be part and a key partner for the success of our customers.”

Added award that the company took over the sector of the sports industry of great importance, they are supporting a large number of sporting activities and on top of its sponsorship for the National as well as International Bank, come to that care with the Heliopolis Club is a continuation of the company in support of Sports Illustrated, also reflect those exclusive partnership over the confidence of the institutions of the different sectors in the company’s ability to respond to all their needs and requirements with the highest level of quality and efficiency”.

In Express AMR sonbaty, head of the Board of the Heliopolis club, expressed his happiness to sign this contract with Telecom Egypt, one of the largest leading companies in the field of communication and Internet services in the region, in the framework of the keenness of the people to provide better services to the least depending on the largest provider of communications services of the internet in Egypt as a team in achieving the goals of the club and its aspirations.

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