Thailand began to regulate cryptocurrencies. For violation of the law — a fine or jail

At the weekend the Zimbabwe Central Bank banned financial institutions from doing business with cryptocurrencies. On the termination of contracts with the exchanges, the government gave the companies 60 days. The reason for the decision is the reliability of the state financial system. In another part of the world coins was allowed, but the control promises to be tough.

Regulation of cryptocurrency in the world

The law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Thailand came into force at the weekend. Violators face fines and imprisonment, reports TASS.

The document envisages the registration of all owners and those wishing to buy coins in safety Commission in the Thai stock exchange. Violation of rules will result in jail for up to two years or a fine. Amount equivalent to twice the amount of the transaction but may not be less than 500 thousand baht. It is little more than 15 thousand dollars.

The law is aimed at providing comprehensive regulation of cryptocurrency and digital token, and for the prevention of money laundering, tax evasion.

Prior to this, the Thai police mentioned bitcoins and their growing popularity among local criminal gangs. They allegedly use the cryptocurrency for the withdrawal of illegally earned money.

Do fix the situation the bill — will know soon. The document has already entered into force.

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