Than Google will replace SMS?

There are many applications for text communication — messengers. Nevertheless, as the standard tool for text messaging in developing Google’s Android operating system still used SMS. Pretty soon may be a new, developed by the search giant standard text communication. What it could be and what’s the difference from iMessage for iPhone?

Google is making significant changes to how Android operating system works with text messages. And this is considered in the Network as the search giant’s efforts in the direction of direct competition with iMessage from Apple. More new message was seen on the resource page in the article Johnson Hollis (Hollis Johnson).

RCS instead of SMS. What are the differences?

The Messages app from Google, which is the default application for text communication in the most popular mobile operating system Android, as reported with reference to theverge.comwill be called “Chat”. Under software updates will be able to send higher quality photos, longer text messages and even a number of features that enhance interactive communication between users of the most widespread OS for smartphones.

Today the Android operating system uses standard SMS text messages. This format has a number of restrictions on the number of letters in the message and the media (photo, video) that are very heavily compressed and looks less impressive than we would like to users.

With the advent of text Chat communication between users of the Android operating system will become more similar to that typical of iMessage from Apple, an app that many users really like.

New functions for text messages in the Android operating system, will be available to users through the application of the new standard text message (RCS”rich communications services”, “communications services with many features”), or, more exactly, “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services” (“universal profile for communication services with many features”). If to describe the working principle of the new standard brief, suffice it to say that RCS will become, like Apple’s iMessage, to work with data networks, not telephone networks, which are used for traditional SMS text messages. This means that RCS-communication will be sent within the required tariff plan of the user data volume, not the volume of SMS.

Chat will not be a new default application for text communication in Android OS, but rather a set of additional functions. It is noted important feature — the Chat will be the service operator, not by Google. The search giant, thus creating not just a new messenger and a new standard text messages.

RCS will only be sent to devices that supported the new standard

Moreover, as reported, Google is working on the implementation of RCS with a number of visible vendors of smartphones. Including Samsung, LG, Huawei and HTC.

What does it mean? If, for example, the user Pixel will send a message to the user Samsung Galaxy S9 will be sent to RCS-communication with all the benefits of the new format. If the message is sent from the Pixel to the user device that RCS is not supported, the message will be sent as standard SMS. Likewise for iMessage, Android users sending a regular SMS message.

Support RCS in the iPhone is not supposed to

It is also noted that Apple has not, to date, was among the vendors of mobile devices supporting RCS format. And that means that iPhone would not support RCS. Additionally it is reported that RCS messages will not be as protected as imessages, they will not be encrypted end to end, is an obstacle to the reading of the message by those to whom it was not intended.

Whether Android devices are more attractive with RCS?

It should be noted that we are not talking about technology that will be implemented in the near future. According to the message, the new message formats will appear in the Android operating system until next year.

Today’s top smartphones that are running Android devices are quite expensive and sometimes they cost more than a thousand dollars. Modern Android phone may have a great screen, underwhelming camera and a capacious built-in storage, but it still used the format of text messages, which were formed in the era of keypad phones.

And many users have always regarded it as a flaw most popular OS for mobile devices. After all, meanwhile iPhone users are already enjoying the advanced features of text communication, specific to the application iMessage. Google has spent almost a decade to find a solution and to offer an alternative to third-party messengers.

To discuss the prospects of the new standard text messages for Android readers in the Telegram chat.

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