Than teeth cleaning are good for our heart?

All of us from early childhood are taught to brush teeth twice a day, morning and evening. The fact that the purity of the mouth depends on the health of many organs of our body. For example, in our oral bacteria can easily enter the stomach and cause gastritis, ulcers and other diseases. But did you know that dirty teeth can lead to development problems with the cardiovascular system? This was recently once again reminded of the European society of cardiology, which found a relationship between oral hygiene and the emergence of two dangerous for human life state of the heart.

Heart health depends on the hygiene of the oral cavity

In the previous research works it was found that in the oral cavity humans often have bacteria that when injected into the bloodstream trigger inflammation in the body. It turns out that when injected into the heart along with the blood, they can cause inflammation even in the most important organ of our body. These inflammation, in turn can cause so-called atrial fibrillation, which is characterized by life-threatening irregular heartbeat. They also can cause heart failure, which interferes with the heart’s ability to pump blood.

How dental health affects your heart?

To find out how often these diseases occur due to poor oral hygiene, the research conducted the study. It was attended by 161 of 286 persons who were participants of the Korean national health insurance system. All of them were from 40 to 79 years and none of them informed of the symptoms of arrhythmia and heart failure were observed.

According to statistics, the arrhythmia is diagnosed in almost every third patient

For over 10 years, all of them had a routine medical examination, in which the information was collected on height, body weight, test results, lifestyle and health of the oral cavity. During the study, 3% of the participants eventually was diagnosed with arrhythmia, and 4.9% of heart failure. According to the calculations of researchers, most of these problems was observed among those people, the health of the oral cavity which was not at a high level.

And you know, why teeth turn yellow?

It is noteworthy that the study results did not depend on sex, age, social status and other factors. That is, the relationship between the frequency of toothbrushing and the occurrence of heart problems has this morning ritual is really important to do every day.

Brushing teeth is important not only brush, but also floss. Only the latter should be treated more carefully

It should be noted that the cleaning of the oral cavity must be careful to floss. The fact is that running a thread between the teeth, can inadvertently injure the gums. Educated in the wound can quite easily penetrate the above-mentioned bacteria, which without any doubt will enter your bloodstream and can reach the heart. And then, as we have learned, can develop atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

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However, after a couple decades, humanity can forget about the existence of tooth-brushes and threads. The fact that scientists have already developed special tools that are able to easily clean the oral cavity from germs. For example, scientists from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania in 2019 has created a liquid consisting of tiny robots with magnets that easily clean the teeth from plaque.

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