Thanks to social media, immediate threat to the “old Alexandria” payment machine electronic with a capital of 5 thousand pounds

After that he became the uncle of Mohammed Yusuf dialects “old Alexandria” newly social media, achieved his dream of finally, after the long sought behind a living halal, to get a payment machine electronic modern Fawry Fawry, in recognition of her, as our role model in perseverance and fight.

Having received the story of the struggle of the uncle of Muhammad, wide popularity, refusing to register or reach out to others, the ones to the machine immediate payment, and gave her one of those close to him, to fly out on the Corniche of Alexandria in the area of Sidi Beshr from Morocco until dawn, which wasn’t his decoder made and delivered daily to its owner!

Reached the story of the uncle of Muhammad, to every home, via social media and television channels and programmes, Shaw, prompting company officials to immediate help this man and his machine pushing the electronic modern company immediate, more sophisticated than I was with him, Where can pay bills of electricity, gas, television, mobile phones and on the fly, which is the machine that price up to 10 thousand pounds, as the company has immediate pumping an amount of 5000 pounds as a gift from the company to my uncle Mohammed to start his new project.

For his part, said Mohamed Okasha, managing director of immediate: “the make-modern city from immediate help, the uncle of Muhammad is the largest on the completion of his career at work and face the pressures of life physical burdens, because it is the latest of many, and in his ownership, as a contribution from the company is immediate.”

He was the uncle of Muhammad, in his remark expressed his happiness with the modern, to him, saying: “I was afraid of damage to the machine that with me, and I wanted to other more sophisticated and challenging, especially since I’m counting machine, electronic payment as a basic income set, it was achieved my dream with this machine from the company is immediate, and the patience of my mouth.”

Recall that the uncle of Muhammad, “old Alexandria” has 3 daughters, he married one of them, and seeks to equip the second proposed date of her wedding, the second coach in the secondary stage, has gone out to the temple, and began the journey of a new work by machine “immediate”.

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