Thanks to the iPhone, Apple became the fourth largest games in the world

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When it comes to explaining the games, you might think in companies of the big three, namely Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. You might also think about other companies like EA and Ubisoft and Activision and Blizzard etc. from other companies, but it seems that when it comes to the world, it might be Apple’s name should be taken into consideration according to analysts at Newzoo , so that it is now said that Apple is the fourth largest games in the world.

This may be confusing because Apple don’t make games, nor do any devices exist for the players. However, it seems that, thanks to the spread of the iPhone, this has allowed for Apple to climb to fourth place. This also shows how much the importance of mobile gaming, especially when you consider the fact that every person has a smart phone almost these days, unlike home consoles.

According to analysts, it is estimated that Apple may have got 2.09 million USD of the proceeds from the games in the first quarter of 2018 with the knowledge that they succeeded in ending the year with a 9.45 billion USD of revenue. It is unclear whether this revenue is based only on the money that is earned by the App Store in general, or whether this is the amount that is received by Apple from games sold on the App Store.

Imagine that Apple might also move because, in its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, the company unveiled unveiled Apple Arcade, a subscription service that gives players access to a range of exclusive games for the monthly subscription or yearly.

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