Thanks to the new smart glass, cameras with facial recognition system no longer needed

Modern smartphones and cameras use very advanced technology for face recognition. In this case, for the performance of the algorithms is always needed, actually, camera. More precisely, was needed because a group of scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison have developed a smart glass that looks like… ordinary glass, but it can recognize people, objects, and even hand-written messages using a unique technology. How is that possible?

How does smart glass

To begin with you should understand that the basis of the smart glass do not lay the artificial intelligence algorithms like those used in cameras and sensors. While there is glass about as well as would the AI.

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Thus, we have a pretty interesting approach: the introduction of artificial intelligence in the normal and unremarkable at first glance, things.

“We use the optical properties of the glass in order to compensate for the lack of cameras,” says Professor of electrical and computer engineering University of Wisconsin Madison Sanfu IOU.

New smart glass is a special area which look like translucent squares. Tiny bubbles and refracting the light impurities embedded in the glass, bend light rays in a certain way to distinguish images and objects.

Then you need a bit of explanation: we see the world around us because our eyes can distinguish colors with different wavelengths. The light reflected from objects, is supplied to us on the retina, and depending on how long will this light beam, a color we will see. That is why the color blind see the world a little differently. They just can’t “catch” some of the light wave. If you go back to smart glass it will make about the same as our organ of vision, only in greatly simplified form in order to distinguish the outlines of objects.

A team of scientists who developed the technology of smart glass

Smart glass in action

To prove his concept engineers have created several Windows, which recognize the written digits. Despite that, this is just an early version of the invention, it is already powerful enough to distinguish very similar to each other characters. For example, figures 3 and 8. The fact is that when glass saw the figure, the image is transmitted via a special refracting system inside the device. There on a special matrix already recorded all the data about what glass knows. It’s like a computer but without a computer.

“We could potentially use glass as a biometric lockconfigured to recognize the face of only one person,” you said. “once configured, it can run forever. He will not need energy, Internet and everything else.”

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