That allows you to Coca-Cola by blending the flavor of your favorite Bluetooth

Announced the Coca-Cola Company for its new project of sodium, which carry the name of the Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100, and users connect to it via Bluetooth and apply the Freestyle on your smartphone.

It was the Coca-Cola previously provided its Coca-Cola Freestyle innovative in 2009 to improve approximately 200 choices to mix drinks, used 50 thousand units of them to ask for 14 million project to edit according to the company, which held that the time to present the new innovation. The machine is new and allows the user to mix his project via Bluetooth and then go to it when it becomes the brew is ready for pouring.

Said Chris hillman, Vice general manager of coal that the application of the Freestyle still has the properties of non-activated, such as voice commands, or sensors visual, as the machine will increase in future other projects like tea, coffee, ice cream, two syrups next to the soda drinks.

See Coca-Cola is unveiling its new Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 during the trade show for the national restaurant (NRA) in Chicago this weekend, in hopes of its availability for commercial consumption in the USA next year with updated operating systems machines Freestyle current.

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