That feature may be the control card of the iPhone to update iOS 11.3 coming soon !

The end of last year was bad for users of the iPhone and Apple behind them, where I got the battery problem, but Apple has created the solution, and continue to cook on a low heat, and the advantages of the new battery the iPhone to a greater extent, and details with us today !

هكذا قد تكون ميزة التحكم في بطارية الأيفون في iOS 11.3 القادم

That may be an advantage to control the battery the iPhone in iOS 11.3 next

What is the story problem card devices the iPhone is?

The beginning of the story appeared when it was discovered the users that Apple has reduced the performance of some devices and the iPhone, among the new updates, has confirmed the Apple that it has to do with battery older devices.

As one of the solutions to the apology of Emergency, introduced Apple TV users access to battery iPhone new for a low price, and we have explained you the way to get a new battery at a low price through: this company, andthis company.

The solution to the next – more benefits to know the status of the battery and control !

Previously confirmed Tim Cook that the solution is coming soon, which is across from the feature will be added to the system, allows the user the following:

  • The possibility of knowing the status of the battery and need to be replaced or not.
  • Feature off the throttle and slow down the Processor to conserve battery power.
  • More details about the consumption of battery power.

All of these advantages you will find when you go to Settings, then battery, where it will be added in iOS version 11.3 the next, which will the Apple TV providing over the coming weeks, God willing, he is currently in the trial period.

Such will be the advantages of switching to the battery in iOS 11.3 !

After reviewing the benefits that will Apple add it in the next release 11.3, the Association would like to actually take the perception on these advantages, we expect to be as follows:

When you go to Settings then battery, if the battery is working well, will show an alert to that tab, in the status of the battery:

In the case the battery need to be replaced, you will be shown the Alert on that tab, in case the battery is also in the same battery settings as in following picture:

In the case of a link the battery to the case of the hesitant and need to be replaced, it is expected to add the Apple alert appear for the user between one period and another, as in the following picture:

Will be your Apple TV freedom to the user to turn off the feature to throttle slow down the operating system, even if the battery is weak, but this is definitely no bad impact on the battery, and may cause stop sudden device, and there won’t be any solution other than replacing the battery.

Topic related: explain the important – how to know the battery status of your device iPhone or iPad, and whether you need to replace?

Let us remind you, we assure you that these images are just ideas to imagine, and not Apple yet to add this feature, and we don’t know how it will work, but this is the closest the advantages of transformation in the battery that will be added soon with version 11.3.

How about with the battery? Do you suffer from any problem in the battery of your device?

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