That is a great feature of Google Maps and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: week

This week was very much Google. Almost all the headlines were about her. But there are interesting things to say about Samsung. For example, we all remember folding Fold Galaxy, which didn’t argue just lazy. The main drawback was its price. Now the company has thought better of it, and it is likely that the second generation will cost substantially less than the first. Let’s see if in fact so, and now let’s talk about viruses, Google Pixel 4 and the new features in Android 11. Pour the fragrant tea, sit back, make the backlight brighter — we begin!

Expensive, but generating interest smartphone. This Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The contents

Google Maps show the lighted road

A large number of projects, the development of which Google does not allow her to do everything perfectly. However, this does not prevent many products or not to give third-party solutions, or even to remain out of competition. Take, for example, Google Maps. Over the years, the map service the search giant not only learned to be as accurate as possible, but and has acquired a wide range of auxiliary functions – the built-in widget to control music playback functions to messages about traffic jams, radars and police posts.

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Google intends to add Google Maps in a special mode at night, which will show the degree of illumination of city streets. Thanks to him, the user will be able to know in advance what neighborhoods you can walk without fear that someone will attack him in the dark. Mention of this innovation already contained in the code of Google Maps for Android, but its visualization is not yet available. This means that Google is still considering the function and are not yet ready to share it even to testers.

Google Maps will make night walks safer

It is not yet clear exactly how Google intends to collect these data. Most likely, you will use the satellite images. Anyway, this is the most logical option, given how much information companies have to collect, analyze, and map of Hiking trails. This increases the probability that the mode of illumination of streets will appear gradually in different cities, and, considering their number, may take several months or even years.

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Most likely, Google will start distributing mode lit streets with the most dangerous regions like Bogota, Bronx and other cities, where rampant crime is particularly strong. Thus the company will manage, if not prevent entirely, then at least minimize the number of crimes committed on the streets.

Map light streets will soon appear in Google Maps

In fact, the new initiative of Google is quite difficult to implement. Moreover, the company will have to collect an enormous data set, and to maintain it up to date, constantly updating and adding new information about changes. Because the number of lit alleys, streets and avenues is constantly increasing, as is the spread of cities, which continuously grow in all countries without exception. And since this is very sensitive information, the updates will have to produce almost hourly.

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In General, it is impossible not to note how Google is developing its mapping service. The company recently added to Google Maps mode a safe trip that allows you to share your location or report deviation from the route. This feature can be useful when traveling by taxi, if you suddenly worried about how suspicious the driver may not take you where you need it. And with it you will be able in seconds to send a geotag users from the list of favorite contacts that will be able, if necessary, to come to your aid.

Google spoke about the new features of Android 11

Android has changed a lot over those 12 years that it exists as a mobile operating system. Year Google improved it and in the end turned from uncomfortable and unattractive similarity iOS a platform with a nice design and a wide range of functionality. However, a few years ago, the pace of development of Android gradually began to decline until, it seems, it has not stopped at all. After a night theme and an unfulfilled promise to distribute updates via Google Play — in fact, all tangible innovations Android 10. Whether it is digital identity, which will appear in Android 11.

Mobile ID is a new feature in Android 11

Android 11 will be the first version of Google’s mobile OS with support for digital IDs. About this, the search giant announced at the event, Qualcomm 2019 Summit. Quite a strange place to announce such important innovations, don’t you think? However, that was the point. The fact that the storage of digital certificates requires appropriate protective mechanisms, which can provide only two processors: Snapdragon 865 and 765 Snapdragon, which Qualcomm presented in the same summit.

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For the support of digital identity answers software library Identity Credential API. With its help, users are able to digitize your documents and store them in memory. Then, when the need to show a valid photo ID to confirm your identity, will be sufficient to provide a smartphone with the representatives of authorities who will be able to consider all the information with a scanner with NFC module. Similarly reads passports at airports and international railway stations.

11 Android and Snapdragon 865 will provide a safe zimovku identity

In fact, the support of digital identity had to appear in Android 10. However, at some point, Google decided to remove the library Identity Credential API. Most likely, this was done due to the fact that they failed to teach the operating system to create in memory a separate segment in which the documents are stored in encrypted form, not to mention the fact to make it non-volatile, allowing to work even when the battery is fully discharged.

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However, before widespread implementation of standard of digital identity is still far away. In order to be applied in everyday life, it is necessary that it passed the certification of International organization for standardization. It will have to develop and test a methodology for digitizing, storing and processing documents. And since it is necessary to develop an appropriate regulatory framework, the probability that a digital ID can be used instead of a passport, when crossing the state border, next year, tends to zero.

Once the virus for Android

Just a couple of days ago we informed you that on devices running the Green Robot “atrocities” virus which steals credit card numbers and accounts. In case you missed the news, then be sure to read it at this link, and subscribe to us in order not to miss such important things. But this week it became known that this is not the only example of malicious code of this kind. Yes, you understood correctly. On Android seen another virus that steals money right from under the nose of the user.

On Android there was another dangerous virus

According to the editors of the portal Tom’s Guide, a new vulnerability has been called StrandHogg. And it includes a number of multitasking processes, which help you to access the root data of the Android operating system and there all encrypted records. Moreover, the assurances of the same Tom’s Guide, Google knows about StrandHogg at least three months, but correcting holes in the system security has not been provided for download to users.

StrandHogg is unique in that it allows to carry out complex attacks without having to install malicious code in the root files of the device — said in a report published earlier by researchers of the Norwegian firm Promon, dealing with issues of cybersecurity. For attacks, the attacker does not need any special permission on the device. The vulnerability also allows the attacker to masquerade as almost any app that will outwardly look very believable. StrandHogg can hear you through the microphone, to steal the photo from the Gallery, to read and send SMS messages and make a recording of telephone conversations, intercept outgoing and incoming traffic, to have access to all the personal files on the device as well as location and GPS information. Plus it remains unprotected contact list and a log of completed calls.

Schematic principle of operation StrandHogg

As you know, to steal StrandHogg can almost everything. In particular, many victims complained that they have started to lose money from Bank accounts. This is a temporary solution. You can smell a rat if the application to which you have already entered, such as Facebook or Google, will prompt again for login credentials, or if the application that you already use start to request a lot of permissions.

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In this case you should scan the system with antivirus with the latest database. However, what to do with the new downloaded applications is not clear because they asked permission and enter a username and password anyway. Experts Promon has also published a video showing how StrandHogg can steal user credentials on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10.

The authors Tom’s Guide, as well as experts from Promon turned to Google to explain the situation or at least provide a time frame in which users should expect the update, but the answer is that, alas, was not followed. We will keep you informed of developments.

Details about Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold

Pricing – the question is very deep and does not tolerate superficial approach. Despite the fact that each manufacturer wants to earn as much as possible, not always setting high prices for the product is appropriate. Therefore, a whole Department of analysts and marketers for a long time studying the market, the prices for products of competitors and, given the incurred costs, forms the total price. However, often a major role in pricing is played by the positioning of the product, which, being the flagship simply can not be cheaper than a certain threshold. Another thing is that consumers don’t care and they just ignore the product. Then the only thing that can save the manufacturer and the product, — price reduction.

The second Galaxy Fold will be cheaper than the first. But obviously not twice

Fold the original Galaxy, which Samsung sells for almost 2000 thousand dollars, was too expensive for the market. That is why, according to rumors, the Koreans have decided to reduce the retail price of the second-generation convertible smartphone twice. It turns out that the new Galaxy Fold can be bought for a thousand dollars, or, if he gets to Russia about 80 thousand rubles. This is the level of standard, made in a classic form factor that definitely has a positive impact on the popularity of the device.

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Journalist Sergey Vilianov believes that halving the price of Galaxy 2 Fold relative to the original model is unlikely, and probably he is right. Too expensive was the technology for the production of foldable displays, which Samsung certainly lays the first replacement, which performs at a discount. After all, you don’t think that the company really wants to make up for almost 80% of the price of a new display out of your pocket? Just right to preferential replacement you pay when initially buying a smartphone, and that’s all. Therefore, if Samsung can reduce the price of the Galaxy sequel to Fold at least $ 500, it will be a big win for the company, which therefore will be able to increase its sales.

Samsung will not be able to reduce the price of Galaxy Fold 2 times because of the high cost of components

Of course, now the Network is actively rumors that Fold Galaxy 2 will have a vertical and a horizontal folding mechanism as the Motorola Razr. This design will make the device first, more compact and therefore cheaper, and, secondly, a bit – or, on the contrary, a lot more reliable. Still, if the furrow passing through the screen will be much less, it will cause him less stress, which in theory should minimize the cases of the formation of dead pixels in the bending place which some users complain.

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Release Galaxy 2 Fold, most likely, will take place early next year. Anyway, Samsung has already received approval for the use of some components from the certification Agency of China. The reason for the hurry was the need to improve the lineup of foldable smartphones, to be able to gain maximum market share. Because at Huawei already has a new Mate Xs, which the Chinese will begin next spring. Though he has the appearance of the original smartphone has more advanced fillings and probably enhanced design.

What bugs will be fixed in the December update for Google Pixel 4

Fresh line of flagships from the search giant Google Pixel 4 and Pixel Google 4XL was a miracle as well. Here and interesting design, and I love the stuffing that provide good performance, and pleasant in all respects the operating system is Android 10, and even some unique features like excellent camera, shoot even in the almost total absence of light, and chip Project Soli, providing a new level of interaction with the smartphone. But there is and disadvantages, some of which is intended to fix the upcoming December update Google Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 gets even better

According to the editors of the highly respected portal 9to5Googlerecently became aware of the fact that the search giant full swing is preparing a security update for older smartphones the Pixel range that will be released in December 2019. But surprisingly, the series of Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 was absent in this list. Fortunately, the company has now confirmed that the flagship of the line Pixel 4 will get the update, and it will be released, presumably as soon as next week. So, what can you expect from the coming update? The following is a list of the most important (in Google’s opinion, of course) modifications:

  • Corrigendum to the presence of background noise in the Spotify app.
  • Bugfix in audio recording and the presence of background noise in third-party camera apps.
  • Support for dark mode in the loader.
  • Fix problems pairing with devices produced by Garmin.
  • Fix flickering of the display (approx.ed. seems to be fixed auto switching mode the screen 90 Hertz to complain about the number of users).
  • Improved the intensity of the vibration and fine tune the vibration mode.
  • Bugfix when changing the device orientation in some cases.
  • Troubleshooting when pairing a Bluetooth compatible device.

However, this is not the only fixes Google Pixel 4, because Google stressed that the update “includes hundreds of different fixes and improvements in many areas, including performance, stability and unlocking system using face recognition”.

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And very interesting is the paragraph entitled as “correcting the display of Google maps Pay”. The fact that in the annotations to this option indicated that you will be able to select Google maps Pay using the power button. Apparently, it will give users an opportunity previously unavailable feature that allows you to quickly access stored payment methods, hold down the power button. Do you use Google Pay? Share your experience with this service in comments and in our chat in Telegram.

I would like to focus on another point. Attentive readers may have noticed that Google said nothing about the update line Google Pixel 3. Meanwhile, earlier it was reported that some of the functions with Pixel 4 will move and the Pixel 3 with immediate patches. Some of the features users already received (e.g., advanced voice assistant), but part of the capacity is unavailable. Does this mean that the patch for Pixel 3 delayed until next year or the search giant just decided not to focus attention to them? Will know very soon. So stay with us. We will keep you informed of developments.

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