That will be the design and layout of the rear camera of the phone Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy S10 camera

Was a Samsung fan rear cameras, installed in the middle, they used to use this design in the series phones Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series years ago, but it seems that Samsung is looking to change things with the Galaxy Note 10.

With the increasing number of cameras and sensors used in the background of smart phones, it has become very difficult to be installed the old way, and you should ask Apple about that when you’re going to release the next generation of iPhone in the second half of this year. With regard to the design of the rear camera of your phone Galaxy Note 10, it looks like the following :


These images were created based on a scheme that has been leaked for your rear camera of the phone Galaxy Note 10. While the show places of the cameras in these pictures as in painting, the aesthetic form as well as theme flash just guesses, since there is no information in the planning of the same.

So, can a flash the bottom of the camera, Time Of Flight and the projection of light is visible at the bottom. Also, there’s a chance that the company Samsung to include all these sensors, cameras, three in one unit and not left that void between the cameras the three basic sensors other.

If you have accurately note, it may be noticed that there is something missing here, this thing is the sensor heartbeat. It seems he is likely to get rid of the Samsung because it will add more chaos. I have already been disposed of in the Galaxy S10 5G, so this will not be a sudden move too.


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