That will be the night mode ” Dark Mode ” in the Outlook app for my Android and iOS

Outlook for android

Night mode ” Dark Mode ” it will look very impressive in the Outlook application for Android, as shown in the picture above. According to Windows Central, it seems that the Outlook app for Android will get a similar situation when it is updated soon.

Microsoft is working to bring Night mode ” Dark Mode ” to more of their own applications with the knowledge that they brought this situation to the Outlook app for Windows 10, and used the web Outlook, and to apply the primary email on Windows 10, and also to develop the office.

It is unclear when Microsoft will update the Outlook app for Android and iOS to provide time of night ” Dark Mode“, but based on the picture above, it is likely to happen in the very near future. And speaking of updates, the recent update for Outlook for iOS platform named color categories in the calendar. Users will need to set the colors of categories in the accounts of Office 365 and their own to be displayed in the iOS app.


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