That will be the order of the Spanish league if you hadn’t used the technique of “Mouse” this season – RT Arabic


هكذا سيكون ترتيب الدوري الإسباني لو لم تستخدم تقنية

Turned control technology the video “sorter”, from just an idea to the application on the ground, after the name used recently in various periodicals, among them the Spanish league, which adopted the prior two seasons.

Although technology has been found to spare the wise make mistakes and correct their decisions, they at the same time, added more controversy and sparring to refereeing decisions in the Spanish Football League “La Liga”.

Are exposed to technology in every week for the barbs, especially when they interfere to cancel the goal or the calculation of another dubious, or condoned awarded a penalty or sent off a player, especially in matches in which one party, the giant “La Liga”, Barcelona, Real Madrid.

For example what happened last week, when you know the rule directly to Barcelona and Granada for the barbs, after the expulsion of one player in my team, Granada, to reprise after the Catalans to win the order without reply.

And did not create Real Madrid and Seville, which were held in the same week without its controversy, when he canceled the rulers of video a goal of the team Andalusian motivated by the perpetration of one of the players of Seville to a fault before scoring a goal in the Nets team to the Royal.

She asked the Spanish media about the ranking of “La Liga” this season if you hadn’t taken the decisions of the rulers of the “mouse” into account.

Publish the website “afriquesports”, a study in this topic and showed data that Real Madrid, which currently contains whistle League with 43 points, goal difference behind the leader Barcelona (43 points too), will be the sport of “La Liga” 45 point if you didn’t think the decisions of the rulers of the video, while will reference the Catalans into second place, but without any change in the number of points 43.

هكذا سيكون ترتيب الدوري الإسباني لو لم تستخدم تقنية

At the level of the bottom of the standings, the meet is currently Espanyol with 14 points, going to the center 18 (17 points), while Will back Celta Vigo line center one, from the center 18 to 19 is ranked the 19th to 20, respectively.


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