That will be the phone Redmi Note 8 Pro


Facing sub-brand Redmi of Xiaomi company to work on the series phones Redmi 8 Series next. The monitor phone Redmi 8 itself in some leaked images the realism of yesterday, and now it’s the role of the phone Redmi Note 8 Pro. According to the registration system previous to buy Redmi, it’s likely that this is the style most progress in this next series of phones available.

Looks like it was leaking phone Redmi Note 8 Pro during the filming of a TV commercial specifically for this phone. Anyway, you can see the design of the back of the phone Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is a design that reminds us of the phones Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro leading.

No longer cameras in the upper left corner anymore, it became available in the middle part of the upper in vertical position so that it includes three cameras and is the bottom sensor of the fingerprint. So, will not use the Redmi sensor fingerprint built-in screen in both these phones. As is the case with the two phones the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, phone Redmi Note 8 Pro new features turn Company logo in vertical position in the lower middle part of the back of the phone.

I didn’t see any leaking of the phone Redmi Note 8 Pro before, so we’re not sure what to expect in terms of technical specifications. Obviously he will have three cameras at the back, one of them would probably accurately 64 megapixels. It should be noted that the CEO Redmi, Mr. Lu Weibing had recently stated that the series of phones Redmi Note 8 Series the next will revolve around long battery life, improved camera performance, screen size, and improve the sense of hold the phone by hand.


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