That’s what got him the Samsung repair Galaxy Fold !

Since the postponement of the launch of the Galaxy Fold after giving his screen in the hands of reviewers, Samsung is working relentlessly on improving the phone rollaway avoid recurrence of this problem again, and now a report from South Korea shows the details of these improvements.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung focused on the reform of the highlights of the two-point cause in the screen problems, the first point was to remove the protective layer of by reviewers causing damage to the screen, Samsung said poking the parties to this energy within the body of the phone so that it doesn’t show any edges can be removed through it.

And sent the company a warning inside the box of the Galaxy Fold says that this protective layer part of the phone screen and that any attempt to remove them would cause damage to the phone that costs 1980 dollars.

تحذير بعدم إزالة الطبقة الواقية من على شاشة جالكسي Fold

Warning not to remove the protective layer from the screen of the Galaxy Fold

The second point, was leaking some dust and dirt to detailed phone and entering the bottom of the screen causing damage the screen permanently.

The report explained the work of Samsung is already on to reduce the distance between the hinges for the minimum which is not allowed to leak any dust or impurities within the Galaxy Fold to avoid a repeat of such a holiday again.

Finally, it is now the choice of units Galaxy Fuld enhanced by telecommunications companies of Korea, where he is expected to learn Samsung about the history of the new version soon, that is the launch of the phone within Korea first and then in the United States of America again.

Recall that Samsung had opened the door of the pre-booking of the phone again to tell their customers between confirm or cancel the reservation until the end of May current.

You know on the new Samsung phone rollaway – Galaxy Fold

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