The 10 best features in iOS 13

IOS version 13 just around the corner, where they stay only 48 hours on its release. Since Apple announced about the system 3 months ago, many of us have forgotten what new in this to happen, so let us see together the most 10 important features in this update.

1 – Dark Mode

Considered a feature of Dark Mode or situation in the Dark is the most exciting feature in iOS 13. And its especially owners of the iPhone X and XS and XS Max in a nutshell the owners of devices iPhone with OLED screens that enjoy its ability to offer the market real. It dark would be amazing on that screen that’s not big savings in battery life.

2 – a new tab for the sound development

Needs to tab “audio” in the application “photos” on the new format will capture the best images and enhance them and you are switching between the options of day, month and year. It’s basically the Extensions section For You, this is a fantastic feature because it helps to distinguish the best photo from among dozens of mediocre Pictures Photography.

3 – update the status of photo portraiture

You will acquire a mode of portraiture or the person some exciting changes in the operating system iOS 13. Like the option to change the intensity of the light when you edit the image. This is good because sometimes the lighting effects of Apple TV are exaggerated. Add Apple TV also have a new monochromatic light higher, which is also good.

4 – new tools for photo

Similar to the change of the intensity of the lighting in the Portrait Mode, allows you iOS 13 now change and adjust the various filters when you edit a photo. And this is great because a lot of people love many of the filters sound, and want to accelerate it a bit. Such as lowering of density, etc.

5 – video editing

Another thrilling feature in iOS 13 it is to edit video within the Photos app. Within the Photos app, you can rotate videos, crop them and do some corrections. And if you people publish videos on social media heavily, it would be good to deal with edit directly in the Photos app.

6 – scroll feature fast write

Quick scroll to write, or what you call it Apple Typing QuickPath exist from a long period on the Google app G-board. May be a small advantage in the eyes of some, but not mission-critical also, will you Apple on it, or make it the same way?

7. application reminders the design

A few years ago renewed the Apple Notes application fully, and is doing it again with the application reminders “situation absent”. It’s been redone from the ground up.

8 – calendar attachments

Some might need to attach PDF files such as to Calendar events, this feature does not exist only in third-party applications such as Google Calendar. In iOS 13 became you can now add attachments to Calendar events.

9 – Radio

Another feature in iOS 13 can you claim Siri is running a local radio station. Yes, you can now listen to different radio stations if you enjoy listening to it.

10 – share photos with AirPods

Wouldn’t expect this feature in the update associated with the launch next Thursday, but Apple says the watch sound with headphones AirPods come later in an update is coming. Will this new feature to connect two pairs of AirPods in one device. It is expected that this feature works with any headphones another.

Supposed the launch of the system iOS 13 officially return next Thursday September 19.

What are the most important features that you liked in the iOS update 13 and waiting for her so badly? Tell us in the comments.



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