The 10 best third-party keyboards for Android

Many users of mobile devices running the Android operating system think a keyboard application installed in system by default (either the Android keyboard or the one that installs in your launcher manufacturer like Samsung, LG, etc.), mediocre, and so almost immediately after the purchase of a smartphone go to Google Play in search of a decent alternative. Fortunately, the “green robot”, there are many third-party keyboards, which have much greater functionality than a native.

Some are more focused on all sorts of fun features designed to entertain the user. Others focus on how to better and faster typing. Some even do both. In our days the market of keyboards for mobile devices dominate Microsoft SwiftKey and Google Gboard. These keyboards are really good. However, Google Play has a few good options. So let’s look at the 10 best in our opinion keyboards for Android OS.

ai.type there a long time, and it is a good choice to replace the default keyboard. ai.type suggests appropriate words when typing, it is able to correct errors and omissions, and also allows you to add smileys and pictures. For individual customization there are more than thousands of Different topics. The free version is a trial, and so is overloaded and will last only 18 days.

To continue to use all the features of this keyboard after 18 days, you will have to fork out for the Pro version for 3.99 dollars. Of course, you can stay on the free version, but some functions will disappear. This, incidentally, is one of the few Android keyboards with numeric next. You may have heard that by the end of 2017 at ai.type was a minor problem with the security, but since everything was fixed.

FancyFey — one of the best keyboards on Android. It focuses more on the customization settings, themes and other tinsel. The app contains more than 50 themes, 70 fonts, and 3200 of so-called emoticons emoticons. A set of additional functions to speed up or simplify the print here is pretty scarce: good working function, auto-correction and guessing the next word, and a set of gestures, and support for 50 languages. Some users in Google Play complain of errors and hang, but during our testing, the keyboard showed himself a stiff upper lip. If it doesn’t work or for some reason you don’t like, we have nine other options.

Fleksy is one of the most popular keyboards on Android. It has all the basic functions, including typing and swipe gestures, integrated search, support for gifs and memes, themes, extensions and more. Some themes are free, but most of them cost money. Fortunately, they are not too expensive. Not long ago, Pinterest has bought the company and took the developers themselves, but do not worry much because another startup himself continued to work on a popular keyboard. Fleksy is completely free, and the majority of purchases in the app is simply colorful theme.

Gboard — the official Google keyboard. It, of course, has all the basic functions, such as AutoCorrect, multilingual typing and various options for customization of appearance. However, the main feature of this keyboard is the built-in Google Search. This means that you can start something to Google without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. There is also a search by GIF’Cams, voice dialing and Google Translator. In General, the company quite often adds to your keyboard new features, and so it is not as minimalistic and simple, which it is. However, that does not make it less steep.

Grammarly is one of the newest keyboards for Android. She came into this world as a Chrome browser extension that fixes your grammar in print and now it’s turned into full-fledged keyboard. By the way, this keyboard can do everything the same as the Chrome extension under the same name. It checks your grammar and spelling, and punctuation.

Because Grammarly is a new keyboard, it is still in development, but in the future we expect the emergence of new functions. While downloading Grammarly, you will receive a very minimalist keyboard that helps you correct grammatical errors, and can justify all the fixes. Grammarly free and waiting for you in Google Play.

The name of the keyboard you can guess that it supports a great many languages – more than 200 at the time of this writing, more than any other keyboard on Android. In addition to the giant language pack, installing Multiling O Keyboard, you will receive svitovy simultaneous input with two hands, the ability to customize the keyboard layout in the style of the PC, change the size and location of the on-screen keyboard, theme, emoticon, number series and even a calculator. More and more keyboards support more and more languages. But nobody does it as good as Multiling.

Simple Keyboard — the most minimalistic keyboard for Android in our list. It has only the most basic: the ability to enter text and choose one topic from the four available. The only addition that it has, it is the vibration required for haptic feedback when typing. Simple Keyboard made free, there is no advertising and the inline store with unknown functional extenders. This keyboard is ideal for those who do not love, when he corrects a soulless machine, as well as those who worries every time enters card data and passwords on any proprietary keyboard as the Simple Keyboard open source.

SwiftKey is definitely among the best keyboards for Android. It has the predictive typing and auto-correction, and enter, swipe, cloud synchronization, support for more than 100 languages, themes, customization, digital, string, and more. Keyboard and all its functions are free, but most of those will have to pay. Keyboard was recently purchased by Microsoft, which greatly thinned state fans because of some innovations, but now SwiftKey is working as before.

TouchPal is one of the inhabitant of Google Play and the oldest keyboards on Android. She has received many updates over the years and most of them remains relevant to this day. Currently TouchPal boasts a lot of customization and options for typing.

In TouchPal, there are more than 5000 themes, more than 300 emoticons and custom themes. It is also one of the few keyboards with auto correction T9. TouchPal is still struggling with his not always well-triggered predictive input, which SwiftKey and Gboard in General seem to do better. However, it still remains an excellent choice among peers.

Typany is one of the newest keyboards for Android. She doesn’t have a ton of functions for printing, but there are a ton of all sorts of visual Goodies. It boasts a variety of themes, stickers, emoticons and much more. Also supports more than 90 languages. Some other features include predictive, AutoCorrect and various layouts.

Overall, this is a very good option, especial given the fact that the majority are absolutely free. This flashy keyboard definitely eager to draw attention to themselves, even without possessing extensive functionality.

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