The 3D feature Face Unlock in the phone Mate 20 Pro are tricked easily (video)

Started Android phones a few years ago to support the feature to unlock the device via face scanning, scan two-dimensional 2D for the face, a feature that proved to be a failure most of the time, it was easy to trick by using a personal image or by other tricks.

But since the announcement of Apple last year from the first system to open the lock by performing a survey of 3D face, Face ID, with the advantages of security that far outweighs the scanning method a two-dimensional 2D, started other companies added This feature to its smart phones leading, the latest Huawei phone Mate 20 Pro.

But it seems that this technique is not completely secure after enabling two people from the site Android Pit German unlock phone Mate 20 Pro with ease, with the first stores the face image is three-dimensional in the phone, then gave the phone to his colleague to open the phone from the first time.

And with that phone Mate 20 Pro uses the technology of face scanning three-dimensional, which does not exceed the error rate which, theoretically, 1 in Million, except that the device open with that person, not twins, or brothers, or even cousins. There is a difference in features between them, as well as being one of them wears glasses and the other does not. This has got the two on the same result with the phone Mate 20 Pro another.

This, and you can watch the video experience the Germans from here.

Do you think that 3D feature Face safe? Let me know what you think in the comments.

The 3D feature Face Unlock in the phone Mate 20 Pro are tricked easily (video) was first deployed in the are.

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