The 4 most important features in the demo version V for Android Q

The company launched the Google beta version of the fifth of the tenth version of the operating system Android, which bear the name of the Android Q Beta 5, which included some changes of interest to the user, most notably updates to the development gesture.

And as usual, ask Google a demo version of the system Android Q the identity of the target Pixel for Pixel, but this time I asked for third party, up to 23 phone of 13 brands.

It is anticipated that the final version of the system this autumn, with many improvements and features including: significant changes in the user interface, and the time of the dark, improve development through gestures in addition to focusing on security, privacy, luxury and digital.

Here are the top 4 features in the demo version V for Android Q:

1 – improving the development and gesture:

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Conducted Google some improvements to navigate through the gestures in Android Q, where allows applications to use all of the screen content while minimizing development, which is particularly important for phones that support the screen from edge to edge. Google has confirmed that it carried out improvements based on user feedback in the pilot version of the former.

2 – a new way to call Assistant Google:

Due to a conflict new way to move through the gestures with the old way to run Gmail Assistant – by pressing and hold on the Home button – Google’s offering in the beta version of the fifth of Android Q; method New call Assistant Google, by scrolling from the bottom left corner or right corner of the screen.

Google also added white marks in the bottom corner of the screen as an indicator optical to guide users to the designated place of rapid change.

3 – improvements in the drawers of the development in the applications:

التنقل في التطبيقات

These included the trial version also has some modifications on the way through which they can access to the drawers of development applications, to ensure that they do not conflict with swipe to return to the bugs in the system development and gesture.

4. improve the Working Mechanism of notifications:


Google says every year to decide how to process notifications on the Android system, has revealed versions of Android Q experimental amount that you can scroll in both directions to raise notice anymore. Instead; it will be one of the trends of custom to ignore the notices, while it would be the other direction from options such as: change the settings.

Also become a notifications in the Android Q depend on the advantage of machine learning to enable the Reply feature Smart Auto, where the recommend responses based on the context of the message you received. So if someone sends you a text message about the transfer or the address of what will tell you the system proposed actions such as: open Google Maps.

It should be noted that if you have a phone already registered in the program of the trial version of the Android system Android Q Beta Program, you should receive an update directly to download and install the demo version of the fifth.

But we do not recommend installing the beta version of the Android Q on your primary phone, since the system is still in the experimental stage, and is likely to encounter some problems, which still Google is working to solve it, so if you don’t have your old phone is compatible with the trial version, it is better to wait until the time of the launch of the final version, where the warning Gmail users of problems in some of the basic functions while using the trial version, such as: not being able to make and receive calls, or not working some apps properly.

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