The 5 best apps that will turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi router

Almost all Androidsmartphones in our day equipped with the option that allows you to share an Internet connection, acting essentially in the role of Wi-Fi router. This feature is available in the settings of your gadget and there is nothing complicated in using it no. Much more interesting things with specialized programs that turn your smartphone into a mobile router. Using them, you will get access to the wealth of possibilities for configuring the wireless network. What to achieve in, alas, will not work.

To turn a smartphone into a router? Easy!

The contents

Speedify. Create a secure network

Speedify offers the possibility to organize safe connection through Wi-Fi so your phone is protected from viruses and other cyber threats. Many hackers use public access points Wi-Fi to infect the gadgets of users. Speedify has a technology called Channel Bonding, which will use several Internet connections in parallel for best speed and lowest latency. And the built-in VPN service will allow you to get anonymity while staying in the network

Download: Speedify

VPN Hotspot. Go around the lock

VPN Hotspot, as the name implies, focuses on establishing a secure VPN connection, which will not only conceal the traces of your stay in the world wide web, but will allow you to go to the websites for whatever reason unavailable. Although we do not persuade you to do it. VPN Hotspot acts as a host to which podcasts other devices. It’s much easier than to set up the VPN connection on each gadget individually.

Download: VPN Hotspot

NetShare. Do not say your password to anyone

NetShare is one of the best applications for the organization of access point Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can create a hotspot, even if you are connected to another access point Wi-Fi. Why is it necessary? Well, for example, if you want to distribute the Internet, but don’t want anyone to call the password from your wifi network. While many users praise the app for the stability and continuity of the connection.

Download: NetShare

OpenSignal. Looking for a Wi-Fi network

OpenSignal is compulsory to install an app that will allow you to scan the area for access points. Notably, you can also check the availability of cellular coverage on an interactive map. You can also find a cell tower to provide better signal quality. And yet there is the option to speed test the Internet connection. Extra bonus: the app is free and it does not even hint at the presence of built-in advertising. Just like on our page in Yandex.Zen. We recommend you to subscribe!

Download: OpenSignal

WiFi Analyzer. Create the fastest Wi-Fi network

It is unlikely your wireless network is the only one around. There are other users, and more users means less bandwidth at certain frequencies. WiFi Analyzer scans the area for the presence of access points and allows you to find the least loaded channel that you can use to deliver Wi-Fi service with your smartphone.

Download: WiFi Analyzer

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