The 5 best ways to sync iPhone with computer

IPhone operating system (iOS) and the MacBook (MacOS) perfectly combined and work together. To sync the two devices and quickly transfer the required information files, music, documents, you can use one of several methods provided below.

Sync iPhone and Mac

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Data transfer and syncing with AirDrop

AirDrop on iPhone

AirDrop is a built-in utility present on both devices. To synchronize the phone and the MacBook, you need to enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The connection is carried out both on the phone and the laptop. Making sure that both devices see each other, it is possible to start the data transfer. The equipment does not have to be on the same network.

The program AirDrop is simple and intuitive for each user. To sync, you simply select the “Share” button in the context menu of the program.

Sync your Mac and iPhone using iTunes

Someone else uses iTunes?

ITunes installed on the MacBook, helping to sync your iPad, iPhone and iPod, but also transfer music, files, photos on Mac. In addition, you can use a personal computer with Windows system.

Before you can use iTunes for synchronization, you need to save all important information with the help of iCloud. So the files are accessible even when the iPhone is away.

With iTunes, you can sync such files, documents and programs, such as:

  1. Photo and video files.
  2. Music files, albums, playlists, books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows, and podcasts.
  3. Calendars and contacts.
  4. Backup devices that are created using iTunes.

The procedure of synchronization with PC and USB cable.

  1. iPhone or Mac connect to PC using the special USB cable to Lightning and open iTunes.
  2. In the upper left corner of the program window you will see a special icon you click on it.
  3. On the left is a list of options, select “Settings” and then the type of content to sync, then you need to click “Synchronize”.

The procedure of synchronizing using Wi-Fi

Still in the process of setting up your PC and iTunes using USB you can adjust the sync using Wi-Fi. This will help in the future to avoid connecting the device to iTunes via cable, all you need is an Internet connection. You can protect your connection and data, installing a VPN on your Mac, before syncing, since it is necessary to transmit data over the Internet. The synchronization process in this case looks like this:

  1. Mac or iPhone connects to the computer using the USB cable. Then open iTunes, there select your connected device.
  2. In the left pane of the program choose the option “Browse”.
  3. Then, you should select “Sync with this iPhone, or Mac over Wi-Fi”.
  4. Then you need to click “Apply”.

For synchronization over Wi-Fi requires that the device and the PC were connected to the same network. Then the iOS device will appear in the program. After that iOS will always carry the automatic syncing when the phone or the MacBook connected to the network, and on PC open iTunes.

The program iMobie AnyTrans

AnyTrans is a complete replacement for iTunes

The program iMobie AnyTrans a great replacement for iTunes. Besides the fact that it is able to perform all the same functions, the program is much easier to use and more reliable. In addition to synchronization functions, the AnyTrans app contains file Manager, application Manager, and other useful and convenient functions.

Despite the fact that Apple have simplified the iTunes application, program AnyTrans is easier and clearer to use. Once connected to a PC Mac or iPhone, on a computer screen an animation will appear and the list of options.

The synchronization process with the application AnyTrans is the same as when using iTunes. However, the application avoids duplication of files when transferring them from PC to your iPhone or Mac and you can synchronize only selected files and documents. In addition, AnyTrans allows you to easily sync the two iOS devices together.
If your PC has iTunes and you need to go to AnyTrans, files, you can easily connect it to a new app, thus getting access to stored backups and libraries.

The Program PhoneView

PhoneView — app for syncing iOS devices and computer

A special application to synchronize data between Mac and iPhone. With this application you can backup data from device and store them in the cloud. Thanks to the program PhoneView smartphone can be used to store the desired files as a regular thumb drive, sending information to standard PC.

App PhoneView helps to open saved on the smartphone files. The function sync gives you the ability to send and edit data files, such as bookmarks, notes, call log. And you can also create copies of the required MMS and SMS messages. And as an additional function of the application PhoneView is the ability to control the media library of the iPhone without using iTunes.

The program iMazing — quality, but expensive

iMazing is a great utility, but very expensive

The Internet is increasingly possible to read that the new application iMazing will soon displace iTunes, which often works with interruptions and malfunctions. But not yet completely free version of iMazing.

An intuitive interface and many useful features of the new program iMazing is possible to appreciate only during the trial period, you will need to purchase a license. Single license on your iPhone or Mac will cost the ordinary user about 2400-2500 rubles.

No matter what method of transmission you choose. It is important to remember that before you can transmit information with the help of synchronize over the Internet, you need to connect to a network using VPN. This will help you to securely protect your data from theft and failures during synchronization.

Today, there are many useful applications and programs that can help to synchronize data on iPhone and Mac. These applications are continuously improved and supplemented in order to organize uninterrupted operation of the devices. And everyone can choose a program that will appeal to him.

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