The 5 most common myths about Apple in business

Despite the high prevalence of Apple technology in many organizations (that is to say, even if many employees of Google and Microsoft use a Mac), sometimes you can hear the statement “Apple is not designed for business.” It is rooted in 2007-2010, when to see a Mac or iPad from an employee of the company was almost impossible. The main arguments against the Mac in the workplace are still “curve” of Microsoft Office and the lack of programs like 1C. However, for a few years, much has changed, and today we will debunk the top 5 myths about Apple in business.

Apple in business there are a lot of myths. Try to destroy them

The contents

Mac cannot administer and manage

This statement is due to the fact that the Mac can’t integrate into Active Directory and Windows architecture. But many are not aware that the administration of Apple computers is using MDM systems. Although initially the tool was only used to control iPhone and iPad, now MDM tool and to administer the Mac.

MDM not only allows you to configure the rights for users or security policy, but also has a wide administration experience for applications. The features of this system include hardware encryption, distribution of certificates, a ban on the installation of software or, for example, limiting the use of the camera. Thus, MDM enforces security policies in accordance with corporate standards.

MDM is one of the most convenient ways to administer Mac computers

Softline provides not only mobile devices but also services, without which these devices will not fully work, including MDM system.

Bad on a Mac running Microsoft Office

Maybe in 2013-2014, the way it was, but now you can independently verify that the application package MS Office for Mac is not inferior to the same product on Windows. If earlier between Apple and Microsoft was competition in the market for operating systems, it has now rooted in the past and it services. And here the two tech giants are turning from competitors into partners, so MS Office for Mac is absolutely identical to the one for the PC.

Vivid confirmation — at the beginning of this year, Microsoft Office officially appeared in the Mac App Store. Since Microsoft has not been submitted to the Mac App Store for Mac OS x users had to download them from third-party sources. It was very strange, because the version for iOS was available in mobile App Store for several years. Now the application package can be downloaded without any problems and for Mac and use the same subscription for Windows.

Microsoft Office is compatible with Mac

So MS Office for Mac the same features as on Windows, including support for editing documents in real time, and automatically saved to the cloud, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, all changes in the document was saved. More important for Microsoft to have its products used by the largest possible number of users regardless of the platforms that they use in everyday life.

On a Mac a program (and “1C”!)

Yes, without a third-party solution to run application like “1C” on the Mac is impossible. But Apple insists that all employees in the company used Macs. As a rule, the same “1C” needed one or two departments while others it can afford to “move” from Windows to macOS.

As for those who still need to work with a specific software (or they are just used to working on PCs and don’t want to change), it is better to stay on Windows, if it is more convenient. For those who use these programs from time to time, there are workarounds: for example, a browser-based version of “1C” or a virtual machine from Parallels. In addition, for several years 1C has changed — there is a new product “1C in the Cloud” that provides access in 1S from any device. Tuzha included not only the server but also updates with support 24/7. If it is sometimes necessary to work in this application, such a decision will be the best for Mac and don’t need to configure the virtual machine.

Now the number of Mac applications far more than before, and to find an alternative program for Windows. If it is necessary to integrate Apple technology into the corporate infrastructure and adaptation of proprietary software, this task is performed by authorized Resellers — for example, the company Softline.

Mac is too expensive

This is true only in one case — if you bought a computer on Windows (which really is cheaper) and left it to gather dust in a warehouse with equipment without using a computer. Although, if there is a need to sell such a device, its residual value will be lower than Mac.

In other cases, if you add the cost of the operation of the PC, you can see that the associated costs will be higherthan in the case of Mac computers. So, to protect data on a PC you will need to configure disk encryption, buy antivirus, and so on — in computers Apple is laid, as they say, out of the box. Moreover, the price of software for administration and support costs for PC are much higher.

Softline helps further reduce total cost of ownership of Mac computers and Apple devices in General, due to service Apple products as a service. She not only sells Apple devices, but also their integration into the existing ecosystem.

Well, we should not forget that we mentioned at the beginning, after 4-5 years of Mas retains at least 25-35% of its initial value, while PC does not hold up to 15% over the same period. A residual value is a serious argument when it comes to talking about the high cost of a decision. So, for example, some Japanese cars that have proven themselves in the market, albeit more expensive, but owners often sell them 10-20 % cheaper than the purchase price.

The cost of owning a Mac is lower

And let the cheapest Apple laptop is $ 999, but a good PC can be rented for 400-500 dollars, if you add up all the costs for software and support, cost of ownership of Windows PC comparable or even slightly higher than the maintenance cost of the Mac.

Mac is not designed to work in a corporate environment

This statement not only derives from the four previously considered. It is due to the fact that many IT professionals do not know how to implement and maintain this work on a Mac. However, there is a downside: due to a more simple interface most of the problems people solve on their own or with the help of FAQ-lists. Besides, Mac users are much less likely to create tickets in support.

Therefore, in most cases, Mac is suitable for working in small organizations and large corporations. IT specialist enough to understand the nuances associated with the use of Apple in business, which not so much.

In fact, most of the myths about Apple’s business was relevant is that 5-10 years ago. Now Apple devices are targeted at corporate users, and helps them to integrate the company Softline. In addition, the Apple device is deservedly considered one of the safest in the world, which is one of the most important factors for the corporate client. For these reasons and many others experts of different fields actively use the technique of Apple. Increasingly, the offices of various companies, you can see the Mac. The only exceptions are employees who are constantly working with the specific programs that exist only for Windows – for example, accountant (1C). For these employees is not always justified switching to another platform.

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