The administration postpone the imposition of a tax of 10% on some products imported from China

Administration ease tensions with China, postpone the imposition of a tax of 10% on certain goods sector until mid-December, Apple recipients

الإدارة الأمريكية تؤجل فرضها ضريبة 10% على بعض المنتجات المستوردة من الصين

The U.S. government postponed the application of the plan, the tax on many goods imported Chinese until December, where the US president took Donald Trump last month’s decision to impose a tax of 10% on all goods imported from China, amounting to a total value of 300 million dollars !

This is similar to imposing a tax of 25% on several imports of Chinese earlier in the year; you mean mostly just my rights, electronic and semiconductor chips were used in the manufacture of phones, computers and other.

It clarified the government’s statement that the list of taxes you will get many updates on the level of the exception of certain products, where this would be based on several factors including the protection of national security and aspects of Health and security measures.

Will list of deferment by the government of each of the smart phones and laptops, gaming consoles, computer monitors and some games in addition to products extended wear and clothing.

Will the resumption of the tariffs in December 15 next, to following this decision of great satisfaction among many of the American companies; he was the head of Apple, where shares rose by 5.2% today to score the biggest rise since last July.

Because sales of the iPhone accounted for 60% of sales of the company in addition to being China constitute 20% of the revenues accounted Apple TV, are considered the key players in the chain of its suppliers and manufacturers chip their.



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