The advantage of continuous talks up the formal speakers smart Google Home

Google Home Mini

View company Google in its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018 earlier this year a new feature called Persistent Chat, a feature that has been developed for talks with devices equipped with the digital assistant Google Assistant like Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini. This feature allows users to follow a question posed on the Google Assistant by asking another. Started the company’s Google Now issue feature a conversation ongoing for the devices mentioned above.

Through the constant conversation, the users will be able to ask a question on the digital assistant Google Assistant, and then follow with another question or another assignment or something else without having to utter the words “OK, Google” every time.

For example, users can say ” Ok Google, what is the weather today … remind me to take medications of my own on my way to work “. You won’t need to utter the words Ok Google between the two. It may seem as a simple change, but it will go a long way in making conversations with Google Assistant look natural and more.

The advantage of Persistent Chat is currently available for users in the United States of America. The way they work is by keep the Google Account active after the first command. Remains the digital assistant is active for eight seconds, the LED lamps lit to inform the user that the digital assistant will listen. If you did not discover any talk, it will be the PDA to the sleep state to be recalled back again by using the phrase Ok Google.

Users must activate this feature through the Google Account. They’ll find it in the Preferences menu within the settings.



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