The advantage of digital payment on WhatsApp might arrive in the month of February next


In the case if the report that we got today are true, it can be the purchase of WhatsApp add a property payment to be applied to the official users in India in early next February. It was reported that WhatsApp is working on integrating payment interface ” Unified Payment Interface “ in a country well-known acronym in the name of the UPI in its application of the official, a platform supported by the Government, the developers managed to make the payments speed digital in India within the app.

Received WhatsApp the consent of the Government of the country to integrate payment system UPI in the app its in the month of July last year. It uses Google App Tez actually payment platform digital this to enable users to pay their bills. Given the popularity of WhatsApp is massive in the Indian market, the addition of the payment platform digital UPI to the app will make a large segment of the population used this app as a payments digital.

Say that WhatsApp is now at an advanced stage when it comes to integrating the payment platform digital UPI in its own app, and is currently working with several financial institutions of India such as State Bank Of India and ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank and Axis Bank to make it happen in the near future. A source has been quoted as saying : ” the product is already in the pilot phase with one of the partner banks for WhatsApp. We expect to be launching products directly to consumers by the end of February, depending on how to process test “.

The final stage before the release of this water to the users of WhatsApp would be to test the integration of the payment system digital UPI with WhatsApp, with a selection of users to make sure that all the operations of the safety check and balances working as they should.


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