The advantage of Dynamic Emails on Gmail up all users next month

ميزة Dynamic Emails على جيميل تصل كافة المستخدمين الشهر القادم

Announced Google that the email service of their own, Gimli, will continue to feature Dynamic Emails for all users on all platforms, a feature based on the technique of the AMP and allows users to browse the content of the e-mail and do several tasks without the need to exit the app.

The company has started to support this feature on Gimli last March, availability to users of the package the G Suite, but now I decided to provide it to all users on all platforms on July 2, next.

Featuring a Dynamic Emails being called to take action quickly when you browse the e-mail; for example, when a message arrives to modify the file from documents Google users can reply directly without opening the file. The example of the last is centered around the service of Pinterest which when e-mail arrives it will not stop the user action adjustments and save the photos on account of his moving home, but can do so through the application of Gimli himself while opening the letter.

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