The advantage of simultaneous translation of the talks is coming to all Sky compatible with Google Assistant

Pixel Buds 321

Google Translate is one of the best platform of Turkish currently available, thanks to the use of machine learning technology that helps to understand things like language and the Natural better. This was one of the main features in headphones Google Pixel Buds that have been launched in the last year which provide users the advantage of instant translation.

The good news is that if you are not impressed enough with the Google Pixel Buds, the good news is that Google Now provides the feature of instant translation of all the heavens compatible with the digital assistant Google Assistant. This according to a new report released recently from the site Droid-Life where they find out in support page special speakers Google Pixel Buds words to say : ” the service is available for Google Translate on all speakers and phones Android supported by the digital assistant Google Assistant “.

Found more tests conducted by the site Droid-Life that the changes that have been made on the support page was accurate and not error where they found that the interpretation in the actual time available on devices other than Google Pixel like the Essential PH-1. This means that if you have headphones with a Google account such as Bose QC35 II, it should not encounter any problems in accessing the interpretation to use.

While Google Translate already interpretation through the feature ” conversation | Conversation“, it may be the use of this service on the speakers practical and convenient more in certain situations, so if you have headphones compatible with the digital assistant Google Assistant, it is worth to check it out.



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