The advantage of the discovery of the fall in Apple Watch Series 4 may cause the arrest of users

Apple Watch Series 4

One of the main features that the Apple include it in the Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to figure out the fall. This means that in case of a fall, you will be able to figure it out and request something of you, and if you can’t, you’ll be calling emergency services to send someone to your site to check if you were seriously injured or lost consciousness.

Of course, this feature looks good and useful, especially for users of older persons, but it also seems that this feature may lead to a search your home and arrest him. This is what I mentioned professor Elizabeth Joh and taught at the University of California at Davis which explained on Twitter that by calling the emergency services, the company verifies your identity, and this in turn means that in case if you find you have any items illegal like contraband, has been arrested as a result.

According to Professor Elizabeth Joh, it has stated by saying : ” Hope : an hour of your alert company to check for you. Except for the care of the community, it means that they can get into your house without permission. Do you mean the perception of sound that they may need contraband or evidence of a crime “. As you all know, is forbidden on the police to conduct searches without a warrant, but when they are to call the emergency services, it is the abolition of this law and become able to police a home inspection legally.

While no one would argue against the usefulness of the feature to the discovery of the falls, some users clamoring for Apple to now disable this feature by calling one of the contacts the user’s favorite in case of emergency instead of calling the emergency services. Whether Apple will make these changes or not, it should be noted that Apple says that this feature be disabled by default only if you are aged 65 years or more.


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