The advantage of the ” with friends ” in Google Maps began to make their way to some users

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We are sure that many of you may have organized picnics and meetings with friends, but because everyone has different tastes and preferences, it may be sometimes difficult to determine which place you go, any restaurant you eat in it, etc. Company is working Google Now on making it easier for users by introducing a feature ” decided with friends | Decide with friends “.

Has Google actually announced this feature for the first time at its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018 earlier this year, a feature that allows users to create a list of the places you want to visit them, and share them with the group, and then can those involved in the group Vote on what they want. This can be useful to organize meetings with friends, or even in holidays where someone can put a list of places that may be worth a visit, and anyone can then vote on the best places to use it.


The process of adding places will be very easy where all users need to search the library and add it to the list. As has been already mentioned, it has already buy Google announced this feature earlier this year, but hesitated now that she’s started to make their way to some users. This means that there will be some people who can’t see this feature currently, since it is activated by the ring, apparently, it won’t automatically update the application of Google Maps to any change despite the fact that you have to update the app anyway. We hope that you google the issuance of this feature for all users soon.



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