The advantage to push you to buy Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls s 9 plus

New phone Galaxy S 9, Galaxy the s 9 + Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung revealed recently about the latest smart phones the Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls s 9 Plus Galaxy S9 Plus that came with a variety of make them able to rival high-end smartphones, and phones in some specifications with last year’s version, such as support for wireless charging and to ensure resistance to water and dust besides the advantage of fast shipping.

If you are looking for the most important reasons that drive you to buy one of two phones the Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls s 9 plus, during the section of the site we how technology, we will explore the most important features provided by Samsung in the new generation of phones leading which may encourage you to acquire one of the two phones.

The most important features of the two phones the Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls s 9 plus, that’ll make you wish in the state

Place new reader fingerprint

قراءة البصمات من مكان جديد في جلاكسي اس 9
Read insight from a new place in the Galaxy S. 9

If you have used phone Samsung Galaxy S 8 or the Samsung Galaxy S 8 plus or Note 8, you get a lot for Samsung to change the theme the fingerprint reader which was infecting users by clicking when you use the phone with the sensor of the rear camera but with the two phones the Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls s 9 plus you’ll find that Samsung has amended the defect by placing the fingerprint sensor in the center of the device on the back side, and of course it is still possible that the user touches the rear camera instead of the fingerprint sensor, but it will be a little compared with last year, So you’ll feel more comfort when you use your phone.

Rear Camera Dual in Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus

كاميرا مزدوجة في اس 9
Dual camera at the s-9 plus

Depends phone the Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus is the first smartphone of the series of the Samsung Galaxy S comes back with a double while comes the Samsung Galaxy S 9 cameras single lens, and dual camera on the galaxy s 9 in a similar manner for the Galaxy Note 8 comes Phone Camera New strictly 12 meg pixel camera for each lens with different aperture, the first wide-angle able to switch between f/1.5 to f/2.4 in accordance with the conditions of the ambient light on the phone, the second girl f/2.4 rear camera comes with a variety of the most important feature of optical stabilization along with the ability to use the effect of depth of field through the use of Mode live focus mode.

Image processing multi-frames

معالجة الصور في جلاكسي س 9
Image processing in the Galaxy x 9

Of the most important features that come camera of the two phones the Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls the s-9 Plus is its ability to capture multiple image to the same scene in order to reduce the noise within the image, where I got Samsung from the development of the camera sensor is excellent and link it back DRAM the phone is able to capture 12 different images in a fraction of a second and uses those images and process them with the aim of providing image with high quality for the user and that of course enhances the capabilities of the camera which provides you the Korean company in its new smart phones.

Videos slow rate of 960 frames per second


تصوير مقاطع بطيئة جلاكسي اس 9 بلس
Filming clips slow Galaxy S 9 plus

Of the most important improvements brought by the Samsung phones is their ability to capture four times the number of tires provided on captured Samsung Galaxy S 8 which provides users the ability to capture videos in slow at a rate of 240 frames per second, while the phones Samsung Galaxy S 9 able to capture videos in slow rate of 960 frames per second and the handset offering resolution of 720 px.

The most important of what distinguishes the phone is the Samsung Galaxy S. 9 is its ability to predict when the user needs to capture video in slow motion, which means that the phone will be in the capture a video clip exactly slow without user intervention, If you are watching a ball game and want to capture the arrival of the ball to the line of contact it would be difficult to determine the time but with the phone Samsung Galaxy S 9, You won’t win you the title that you wish to check and not only that but the phone saves the video format GIF variety for you to share with friends easily by setting background music for the video automatically and of course you can control the music and change it how you like.

Aperture changing

التبديل بين عدسات الكاميرات
Switching between cameras automatically

In the phones last year to Samsung was camera performance in low light traditionally but the company was keen to provide a new feature in its new smart phones leading is the ability of the camera to switch between lenses automatically where the camera moves to a Aperture of f/2.4 in good lighting conditions coupled with the use of Aperture f/1.5 in low light conditions, which provide lighting that is more by 28% of the phone Samsung Galaxy S 8, When you use automatic mode to change the camera will switch between number two automatically either in Pro mode you will be able to choose the aperture you want to use.


Codes, augmented reality en Emoji

Expression of self is an integral part of the experience of using your phone Samsung Galaxy S 9 especially when you use codes to augmented reality, which are offered by Samsung which is inspired by the symbols of the augmented reality special Apple, with icons en Emoji, you will be able to convert your profile picture to a emoji of a three-dimensional with the improvement in the color of the hair, skin, clothing and other details, and then create emoji icon of your you can record a short video clip and convert it to code a microcontroller, and provides you with a phone the ability to save 18 emoji on your phone and use it quickly with friends through the keyboard.

Feature support Gigabit LTE

Come phones new Samsung with the latest processor from Qualcomm, which feature supports LTE Cat 18 which allow the phone to upload at a speed of up to 1.2 gigabytes per second using the smartphone that means that Samsung phones are one of the phones which provides the fastest transfer of data phone cellular mobile data.

Stereo speakers

ميكروفون ومكبر صوت في جلاكسي اس 9 بلس
Microphone and speaker on the galaxy s 9 plus

Made sure Samsung on pelletizing amplifiers used in smart phones, new where using speakers from the development of the company AKG, which provides the voice was 1.4 times higher than the sound made by the phone Samsung Galaxy S 8 which depends on the speakers of the development of the Harmon Kardon which was acquired by Samsung last year, as the company was keen to use the dual speakers in collaboration with Dolby to provide the audio experience better.


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