The advantages and disadvantages of root for Android phones

Rotavirus is a technique, method and style of custom mobile and Android devices, this technique allows the user to access the Teletext of the phone to get all the powers that runs Android on a blocked user by default in order to your insurance burden for and causing damage, such as if you change basic system files files other and thus produce damage in the system phone full.

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So deal with the root need to be very cautious so as not lead the burden in the end to damage of the system, we all need to some powers of root in Android phones because there are so many apps that cannot operate without those powers of Root, but there must be attention on the important thing is not to use root only to those who had full knowledge of the jail and phone.

The advantages of Root for Android phones

Run applications variety : there are many applications that need to the powers of the law and the Constitution even works, but Android might overshadow some of those powers you maintain an, Because there’s apps like those that think we have hackers making system within the software that violates the user’s privacy, and when you run root you can run the applications blocked for you by the system.

The management of storage space : there are a lot of apps that come with the system automatically, these programs absolutely cannot afford to delete them because they exist on the same system, mainly cats and Facebook, but when you use the powers of Root can delete these applications from your system, create a large space in your device, knowing that after deleting it will become in the Android bug and therefore won’t be able to use it naturally .

Defects Root Root

  • When you allow the routine to give you all of the powers, it in turn cancels the guarantee of the phone and therefore won’t be able to access your warranty services from the agency official.
  • It’s better to use the powers of root for phones that are out of warranty so I don’t lose services in the case was valid.
  • May cause the use of root damage to the telephone system or delete many of the files system is important.
  • We mentioned above that the powers of the root allow to run all apps and even apps to avoid the mess that has become your phone more susceptible to viruses.


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