The advantages and disadvantages of the program, Amazon affiliate

Store was founded Amazon in 1994, which focused initially on books, then expanded to keep almost everything and becomes the largest electronic store in the world.

Competing companies in various industries including online retail, printing on demand, entertainment, games, home services, transportation, consumer electronics, Web Services, applications, and even health care.

Highlights the secret to the success of this store is that it provides for marketers and operators of independent bloggers to promote products related to their interest and bring in sales and get a commission from all selling come through them.

Worth this company currently to one trillion USD, there are thousands of active marketers who work with it daily around the world including the Arab world in the marketing of products and bring the sales and get good profit from it.

  • Which is a program Amazon affiliate

The web interface provides bloggers, publishers and marketers access to millions of products and offers available on Amazon, and get links to the assignment of a special they post on their blogs or Digg are not in other ways different from them posted in social networks or buy visits and direct them to landing pages and convert visitors into customers and sales and profits, usually give Amazon to anyone who has achieved sales of fixed commission for every Selling made by, and receive profit existing in the balance on the service.

It’s one of the largest platforms affiliate marketing at the present time, especially as he provides marketing millions of products available on the App Store and even some offers other services broadcast video.

  • Special program Amazon affiliate

Think Amazon brand trusted by millions of customers around the world, marketing through the broker’s easier when you can direct traffic to a trustworthy dealer, and leaves shoppers in the purchase of elements on this e-store.

There are millions of products to promote on this store which is a department store on the internet featuring more than 20 categories of products including books, computers, luggage and accessories pets and more, for marketers at any place to easily find the goods to promote it.

Easy to become an registered at home, the program is available in multiple markets, the Amazon account is in a good position is all you need to join Amazon Associates, in addition, the program is available in 13 countries and ten languages.

Can marketers earn commissions fixed or variable depending on the effort of this organization, and pays rewards program Amazon fees advertising when visitors purchase or participate in services and programs.

For example, one of the offerings available on the platform offers you to get a bonus of $ 5 for each subscription in the free demo version of the Amazon Fresh comes your way reward worth $ 3 per trial signup free on Amazon Music.

Can marketers promote products in multiple ways, create links to products and pages and search results, you can also create shortcut links, for example,

Also provide a home a lot of banners for many of the sections of the common and its various services, which you can view on the city or location.

You can also use the classifieds the original settlement to promote the recommendations of the forum were closely related and highly dynamic, and appear on the form of products proposed and can be displayed at the bottom of articles and exercises.

You can use mobile ads pop-up to get up to 30% or more in commission.

Can marketers promote elements of the reducer, enables the promotional codes customers to get the discounts on eligible products when you pay the fees, and to create promotional codes to publishers to use it.

Of everyone he expects the site to WordPress add help to take advantage of the possibilities of this program on your website, Don’t forget that Amazon is a reliable company and do not need to fear the monument, so your earnings will get it no matter what the size.

  • Defects program Amazon affiliate

The rate of commissions for Amazon Associate low and attractive, pay Amazon of 0 to 10 per cent on sales, what makes it less than competitors in the offers made by affiliates.

Although you could transform an element value to high and the commission is excellent, it is likely to generate a few dollars (or perhaps hundreds) per month.

You need so many visits from the state where density of customers Amazon, and the dozens to hundreds of sales a day, you’ll be thousands of dollars per month.

Other flaws in the product they do not support the marketing of products on the market dot com and provide presentations addressed to users in the Arab world, you need to be registered in the program of the commission of the market of the dot com and use it for marketing for existing products.

The disadvantage of the other is that you will get your earnings via PayPal which is the easy way favored by typically the marketers on commission, therefore you will pay through the bank which takes some extra time to get your winnings.

  • Mixer review

Confirms some marketers are elected they are entitled to six figures from the Amazon Associates, the secret lies in that you have a blog that specializes in a particular field has increased a lot and bring you a lot of sales daily.

In the end, it’s a good program, of course, and you can earn money from it but it need some improvements by Amazon to be more attractive and competitive.


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