The advantages and disadvantages screens the full dimensions of the 18:9

Became the dimensions of the 18:9 popular smart phones the flagship, and even phones available began to support these new dimensions of abandoning the standard dimensions of 16:9, What are the main advantages and disadvantages?


View more application at the same time in a better way

It is true that the advantage of “dual screen” to view two apps at the same time provided by the dimensions of the 18:9, but with these dimensions better in the app view and interact with them, either in vertical position or horizontal.

More space for applications

In the normal mode of development, whether reading books or just browsing on the internet, these displays offer more space to display text and images, and some games also benefit from the screen size.

Grip easier

The dimensions of the 18:9, it became easier for manufacturers to increase the screen size without damaging the easily use; can carry Screen Phone 6 inch dimensions 18:9 is easier than the campaign Screen Phone 5.5 inch standard dimensions.


Video applications not ready

Provide screens 18:9 TVs as well, started the production of the videos is increasing these dimensions. But even the expansion of the spread, you have two choices when watching videos dimensions 16:9, either the story content to fill the screen or display the standard dimensions. It applications, many of which are not updated to match the new dimensions.

Drag a longer distance

Use gestures that require a tow for a longer distance, will not become as easily, such as access to apps from the Home screen on Android the original.

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