The advantages in the application of “signal” does not exist in the application WhatsApp

The European Commission asked the staff, last week, to begin utilizing the application of “signal” Signal for instant messaging and chat instead of relying on application WhatsApp WhatsApp, owned by Facebook Facebook, supported to maintain the security of their communications private.

What distinguishes the application of signal Signal from the application WhatsApp and WhatsApp?!

The applied signal and WhatsApp in the mechanism of their work, where users both use their phone numbers, and app access to call logs and contacts, while experts say the security that the Signal provides an additional layer of protection beyond the application WhatsApp.

The application of Signal open source

Uses the application of a Signal WhatsApp encryption technology end-to-end End-t0-End, where you can not decrypt the messages during transmission between devices, however, the application Signal is applied to open source, so programmers can specialists examine the code for the application, while no one other than WhatsApp scan code software development easily.

Since the application of the signal, Signal is open source, it is unlikely of serving you targeted ads, while WhatsApp, which began as an application is not to display the ads, you will reach ads soon after changing his car after the acquisition by Facebook it.

Encrypted backup

Application Whatsapp WhatsApp store information and data during its use, such as interactions between users of the internet connection, and phone numbers of contact records users, and there is no protection to copy the WhatsApp backup over the internet, where users can restore the messages when they change their smart phones.

On the contrary, while allowing the application of signal Signal for Android users to backup the chat of their own, requires a decrypted password of 30 number, in devices iPhone, can’t copy data signal backed up at all.

Lock screen

In the application of the signal Signal, can activate the feature to lock screen, Screen Security, and within the privacy settings, a feature that prevent other applications on your phone, as well as you, to capture footage of the talks application, so you can be absolutely sure of the protection of the privacy and security of users of the signal.

Recall that the application of the signal Signal was issued for the first time in 2014, the development entrepreneur and a security engineer Moxie Marlinspike, which is powered by a non-profit foundation supported by the founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton, which left WhatsApp in 2017 after a dispute with the management of Facebook.

Can download the application Signal Signal for Android devices via the Google Play Store, and Via App Store for users of devices iPhone air, as there is a version for the web.

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