The advantages of Huawei’s dead 20 Pro launched for the first time the world of phones

Is yet to be revealed officially yesterday, now he’s dead. 20 Pro of the highlights of flagship phones that have received significant improvements on each of the specifications, design through 2018, but provided the advantages of a New see for the first time in the industry, namely:

The first phone to quickly contact cell 1.4 it

In the footsteps of the dead 10 Pro, which was the first named Cat.19, which provides a fast connection to the cell up to 1.2 it, he became dead in 20 /20 Pro the first to come ‘ skill Cat.21 to connection speed up to 1.4 it on the fourth generation networks.

The first Android processor 7 nm

Kirin 980 is the first in the Android core 7 nm that offers the performance and rationalize the energy better; you Huawei that processor is because all the phones are dead, 20 of all competitors in the interaction with the applications and development within the system safety development within the Android Raw in the Pixel 3.

The first phone to pioneer with a bigger battery of 4,000 mAh

Even providing screen OLED QHD+ energy while maintaining the battery life is good, I didn’t write the Huawei processor 7 nm instructs the energy consumption, but first the battery of 4,200 mAh is the largest in the flagship phones.

The first combines a survey of 3D face and fingerprints on the screen

I started the Apple approach to recognize three-dimensional on the face and to provide advantages such as the ratification of Face, Face ID that rely on special sensors including sonship iPhone, as I began to Vivo move the reader insight to the screen of phones; but the dead 20 Pro became the first of the combines water.

Beside certification face Face ID, the identification of three-dimensional facial features such as the accuracy of tracking the movement of the face with the anime animated, as he became the third generation of the kind of visual imprint of the screen in dead 20 Pro faster 30% of the first generation born in the rest of the Android phones.

The first camera that combines wide images images is very subtle

Instead of increasing the number of cameras to 3 and 4 like what you did to Samsung in a matter of days, set Huawei the lens monochrome ones too wide (Ultra Wide) allow the inclusion of many elements in the picture of the broad dimensions of 21:9, the images are clear elements of minutes at a distance of 2.5 cm from the camera thanks to the “micro”.

The first to offer fast charging capability 40 watts, and wireless charging bidirectional

Can fill 70% of a dead battery 20 Pro in 30 minutes thanks to its support of wireless charging, high-speed at 40 watts, and you can also use the phone to charge other phones wirelessly thanks to the feature of reverse charging.

Come all Huawei phones fast shipping wireless 15 watt did not provide any phone before; you Huawei it faster 70% of any other phone.

The first GPS frequency double

Thanks to the support of his frequency L1 and L5 are working at the same time support Android System car navigation system next to GPS such as GLONASS وQZSS وBeiDou Galileo, enjoy dead 20 Pro with unparalleled precision, phones, in determining the user’s location private when you cross roads and in cities with high buildings; allows the dual frequency to capture more radio signal of each satellite on different frequencies.

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