The advantages of phones allocated for games

After visiting the popular games for mobile devices in recent years, has become profitable for developers, this has motivated companies such as resort Assos manufacture phones custom games.

Currently it seems that the phones custom games don’t receive much attention, which was confirmed by a survey we conducted on Twitter, as reported by some of the leading handsets have the best specifications available in the market already, so thought that phones custom games don’t feature much, but this may be different feeling for the lovers of games.

Custom design for games

Front speakers

When you carry the flagship phones of 2017 and 2018 in the horizontal position is often considered the palm of the hand sound distortion, even with the use of the controller, remains the front speaker phones custom games much better to transfer the images to the user, as well as its strength.

The edges of the screen large

Other than contacting pioneer in the industry, the telescoping edges of the phones screen custom games is not ideal for the user for two reasons: the first is to find a place the speakers the front, The second is the convenience of the user using the phone a long time.

Accessories custom

One of the most important advantages of the phone ASUS ROG is the support accessories designed to improve the playing experience more, whether it is Console or additions that elevate the performance of the phone, and perhaps soon we will provide a desktop experience across devices or just the cable, as tend by Note 9 which, by the way Rouge phone that is unparalleled in games.


Away from the gear design, The phones gaming featuring software to improve the gaming experience and reduce the dispersion of the system to the user.

Some of this software you will find in the rest of the phones like the style of play and the value of one of the existing phones in the Galaxy flagship since the S7, which allows to block notifications and improve the performance of the phone and even the filming of the video screen.

You’ll find the customizations more definitely in phones games, such as the application Game Booster cell phone razor allows to customize options for each game from raising the performance or prolong battery life.

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Future benefits

Resort von Assos ROG are the first generation of phones allocated for the games, pending further developments with second generation and third strongest, to open that door to new services that improve the gaming experience.

Recently such as the launched application to Stream Link that lets the user play computer games on the phones through the connected to the Wi-Fi analyzer, with the rapid development of the games thanks to the presence of dedicated hardware, it is easy to imagine the development of the application quickly broadcast the games from computers to phones anywhere in the world without restrict the presence of your home where Wi-Fi connection.

A final note

If you decide to buy a phone dedicated to gaming, it should be the strongest available specifications, the latest processors on the market, a high precision the rate of update is high, and of course RAM and large battery; unlike computer games, you can’t open the phone and its components.

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