The advantages of the new Assistant Google will be available for Android and Joe KaiOS

مزايا جديدة من مساعد قوقل ستتوفر لنظامي أندرويد جو و KaiOS

Last year the company invested Google about $ 22 million in the company KaiOS Technologies, the operating system KaiOS on smart phones, on the other hand was the assistant to Google “Google Assistant” the place of this system, but the procedures involved are not available, but today with the new update to the rules, these procedures support the system.

Also the Android system Jo, “the light version of the Android system, the main” is the other joins to this invitation, and therefore with this support, there will be a lot of helper functions is requested through the actions, like playing a game or checking the status of the package to contact and more.

Finally referred Google that this support will be released to users around the world over the past few weeks, and developers have to do any work, where the company will provide a simulator for testing, as well as the status of the company Plan of extensible services for KaiOS later.

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